Monday, April 27, 2009

Live from Kolkata . . .

Hi everyone. If you want to read something amazing, click here:

Right now, there are five bloggers from the United States who are in Kolkata for a week on behalf of Compassion International. Their accounts of their first day are remarkable -- I especially loved Pete's and Melissa's writing.

Compassion is a stellar organization, in my eyes, because they work through local churches and local people. They are alleviating poverty, but are also relieving the loneliness and isolation that often goes hand in hand with it.

I hope you get the chance to follow the posts during their trip. I was weeping while I read, because I can't help but picture Anya Rashi as they write about the children, and how grateful I am that people here are sponsoring children just like her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nathan is 7!

Happy birthday to our sweet boy Nathan, who turns 7 today! We measured him this morning, which is a favorite tradition for the boys. Anya Rashi was puzzled by all the excitement about drawing a line on some wood in the basement, but was glad to tell Nathan, "Happy Cake!" this morning.

This morning Peter did some research to find out who in history shares Nathan's birthday. He was thrilled to find out that President James Buchanan, Peter and the Wolf composer Prokofiev, and William Shakespeare all share his birthday. (Nathan's middle name is William, so he was certain there's a direct link between him and Shakespeare!)

He gets to bring cupcakes to school today, and tonight we will celebrate with the dinner of Nathan's choice: pancakes and bacon. He will have a family party next weekend, so the birthday fun will keep on coming!

We love your energy and creativity, your inquisitive mind, your compassion for others, and your loopy sense of humor. You are a treasure from God in our lives, and we feel so blessed to be your parents. We can't wait to see what he has in store for your life . . . Happy birthday!
Dad, Mom, Aaron and Anya Rashi

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Blue sky, happy sun."

Happy Easter, everyone! Over the weekend we colored eggs, went to church to celebrate, and ate two fantastic meals with each of our parents and families. Peter and I are so grateful to live within a half hour of both our parents.
Anya Rashi had already grown out of the size two Easter dress I had so carefully planned on, so we improvised and she wore a pink and turquoise outfit we bought in India. The pants are still too long, but we rolled 'em up and she was really cute. I couldn't get her to stand still for a good picture yesterday, but I'll try to snap a photo the next time she wears the outfit.

One funny little surprise happened on Saturday during a visit to the grocery store, where there was a giant bunny handing out candy. That night during our bedtime songs, a wide-eyed Anya Rashi couldn't stop repeating, "Big bunny! Candy! Fun!"

She's been saying lots of funny things lately. At the park last week, she lolled back in the swing, gazing upward. I asked what she was looking at, and she replied dreamily, "Blue sky, happy sun."

She says a few things that crack us up because they're so grown-up sounding, like "Oh yeah . . . right!" and "Oh man!" She also says "Rats" and "Nuts," her mama's two favorite kid-friendly things to say when frustrated. (Could be a lot worse, right?)

She also insisted on calling her 15-year-old cousin Jonothan "Pinky" yesterday. She was using a empty paper towel tube as a telescope, sighting everyone in the room, and each time she saw him, she refused to say "Jono," and said "Hi Pinky!" instead. Jono was a very good sport about it. :o)

Yesterday for Easter dessert, we had pie with whipped cream on top. Not a fan of pie, Anya Rashi just wanted the whipped cream -- but she thought it looked like bath bubbles, and asked for seconds by saying, "More soap, please!"