Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Waiting for her passport . . .

So many people are asking "When will you leave?!" Answer: as soon as Anya Rashi's passport is finished . . . perhaps in 4-6 weeks. We are grateful for everyone's interest, and can't believe that so many people are as excited as we are.

We feel so humbled by the many ways friends are helping. We have received clothing, offers of airline miles, a baby gate and carrier, and contributions from several church friends, as well as the choir and drama team. We have also received some financial help from our parents and our brothers and sisters. Thank you all so much. We are so moved by your care for us, and we know that God smiles on the way you're welcoming this child of His.

As these last weeks go by, we're trying to do a few special things with the boys. We spent a weekend at a nearby water park with Nancy's sister -- what a blast! We're also spending a weekend in Chicago to visit the Shedd Aquarium and some other fun places that will be harder to enjoy with a napping, diaper-wearing baby sister along.

Meanwhile, I'm getting some practice having a baby in the house again. For five weeks this fall (pretty much right up to the time we leave for India), I'm watching a friend's 7-month-old daughter during the weekdays. It's good to practice getting the boys off to school with a little one along . . . before I have to do it with jet lag!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The judge has signed!

Good news -- the judge signed off on Anya Rashi's paperwork, so the last steps of our adoption process are in motion! While the orphanage director, Ms. Roy, starts our daughter's passport, we are checking out hotel information and flights. As soon as her passport is completed, we can make plans to fly. We hope we will take our trip in mid- to late November, but it all depends on when that passport is finished.

Peter is visibly ecstatic and happy, while I am in mama mode: making mental lists of what needs to be done before we fly. He is the computer guru, checking out travel information, while I am concerned with the home front: making arrangements for Aaron and Nathan while we're gone, doing clothing inventory to be sure we have things that will fit Anya Rashi, getting the suitcase of orphanage donations ready, searching for bottle nipples to fit the glass bottles my mom saved from when I was a baby, etc. etc.!

Actually, I'm in a bit of a daze . . . I can't believe it's finally happening! Yesterday, I had a few moments to think, and for the first time was just purely excited about going to India. As a child and a teenager, I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd travel there. God has strange and wonderful ways of surprising me with his plans for my life . . . I love dreaming about his plans for Anya Rashi. Wonder what surprises he has in store for her?

Another photo

This photo was taken in September by another Dillon family. We think she looks like a little doll! We wish we could post some larger images, but many of those include other children, and we don't want to put them on the web without their families' permission. Soon, we will be able to post as many as we wish, straight from our own camera! We can't wait for that day.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hurrah! One step closer

We received fantastic news today! The judge in the Kolkata high court heard and approved our case! This means we have been granted legal guardianship of Anya Rashi, and we are one step closer to planning our trip to India. I celebrated by taking the boys out for ice cream after school. (Poor Peter was at work and missed the fun . . .)

This week has been filled with highs and lows as we waited to see if our case would be heard before the holidays in India. Durga Puja and Diwali will be celebrated during the next 6 weeks, and the courts will be closed for much of the time. We have been waiting anxiously to see if our case would be heard before October 10, when the first holiday begins. What a relief to hear this great news!

We owe countless thanks to all of you who prayed for us and listened so lovingly. Next steps for us include: waiting for the judge to sign our official paperwork, getting Anya Rashi's passport process started, and applying for travel visas, among other things. Oh, and I still need to make the curtains for her bedroom!

Two other families are in the same part of the adoption process, and we are glad to have company! It would be so amazing to travel at the same time, so the babies can see each other for a few days after leaving the orphanage. What a comfort that could be for them, as they get used to being with the funny-looking strangers who love them so much.

When I saw Peter after work, I said "Hello, father of three!" It felt great.