Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Waiting for her passport . . .

So many people are asking "When will you leave?!" Answer: as soon as Anya Rashi's passport is finished . . . perhaps in 4-6 weeks. We are grateful for everyone's interest, and can't believe that so many people are as excited as we are.

We feel so humbled by the many ways friends are helping. We have received clothing, offers of airline miles, a baby gate and carrier, and contributions from several church friends, as well as the choir and drama team. We have also received some financial help from our parents and our brothers and sisters. Thank you all so much. We are so moved by your care for us, and we know that God smiles on the way you're welcoming this child of His.

As these last weeks go by, we're trying to do a few special things with the boys. We spent a weekend at a nearby water park with Nancy's sister -- what a blast! We're also spending a weekend in Chicago to visit the Shedd Aquarium and some other fun places that will be harder to enjoy with a napping, diaper-wearing baby sister along.

Meanwhile, I'm getting some practice having a baby in the house again. For five weeks this fall (pretty much right up to the time we leave for India), I'm watching a friend's 7-month-old daughter during the weekdays. It's good to practice getting the boys off to school with a little one along . . . before I have to do it with jet lag!


The Labontes said...

What a busy family! Can't wait until your practice turns into the real thing!


Julie & Patrick said...

So glad to hear that you are in those final days before travel. We were just looking over the pictures of the babies home the other night in disbelief of what an awesome adventure this has been...the kind of adventure that NEEDS to be experienced by others. We are elated that your time is coming soon. I've been telling Devi that her crib friends are almost on their way home too!