Saturday, September 22, 2007

Letters from your brothers

Hi Rashi,
How are you doing? This is Nathan. I am one of the sons in your new family. I love you. I think you are cute. When you get here, I want to play with you and hug you. You look as cute as a pie in spring, or a baby princess in a castle.
Your room is almost finished being painted. You’ll have a comfortable crib, and you’ll get to sleep with my old stuffed animals. But best of all, you are the cutest baby on earth.
(5 years old)

Dear Anya Rashi,
I am the oldest child. You will be having Nathan for a big brother, but I will be the biggest brother. That means I will hold you, bring you your sippy cup, and every time you go to bed, I will be there when Mom sings to you. I will sometimes not be there because I will be reading or playing with Nathan.
When we saw the video of you, I thought you were so cute. Now that you’re coming, you’ll be even cuter. What language do they speak at the orphanage? How do you feel if no one’s playing with you? I wonder what the answers are to these questions. ’Bye for now.
Love from,
Your biggest brother Aaron
(7 years old)


The Labontes said...

Aww, what sweet boys you have!

Beth said...

Anya Rashi will be truly blessed to have such sweet big brothers. I can't wait to meet her and see you all grow up together! :)