Sunday, April 6, 2008

An eventful week

Well, this week contained a variety of events, some more pleasant than others! On the down side, all three kids had a stomach bug, and the boys had colds on top of that . . . yuck. The boys have missed a ton of school -- a week and a day last month with influenza, then they went back for two days before spring break . . . and now, the week after spring break they missed another four days! Their teachers probably wonder if I've secretly decided to home school. :o)

On a much happier note, Nathan and Aaron were very excited to get their new glasses yesterday! Nathan is the newest member of the family to join the nearsighted club, and looks quite distinguished in his new glasses. Aaron has had glasses since the week before he began kindergarten, and needed new frames and lenses. It was a fun way to end a yucky sick week.

Anya Rashi is up to many new tricks, and can now climb onto the kitchen table, the couch, and almost anywhere she wants to be. Dinner preparation (or any other job that requires two hands and more than 3 min.) is now a bit of an adventure . . . and I've been using the pack-and-play occasionally as an Anya Rashi-containment device, but not surprisingly, she does not enjoy being caged when there is so much to climb! For some reason, she is much more active in the evenings, when she's starting to get tired. That's when the boys call her by the titles they've given her: "Danger Baby" and "Princess Destructo." :o)

She is trying out some new animal sounds, and says "moo" for cows, "baa" for sheep, and "ooooh aaah" for monkeys. For some reason, she thinks that cats blink their eyes!! It's so funny, and she's completely consistent with it -- we say "meow," and she very deliberately blinks both eyes. Wonder where that came from?! She also sings "woe, woe, woe" for "Row, row, row your boat."

Yesterday was a race day for our family! Peter and Alicia ran a 5K that ended our local baseball stadium. Aaron and Nathan were registered to run the kids 1/2 mile, but given that they'd been so sick, we opted out in favor of them saving their strength. They still got their t-shirts, so they weren't too disappointed. It was beautiful weather, too -- the first day this year that went over 50 degrees -- and it wound up reaching 62 degrees! We went to the park after the race, rode bikes, and spent lots of time outside.

Anya Rashi likes pinecones, sand, rocks, dead leaves, and lots of other things that she discovered in our backyard. Now, to keep her from eating them . . . :o)


Beth said...

I hope you're over your sickness for a while now! An idea for you: Try filling the pack 'n play with balls - the kind you get to fill those air-filled, bouncing things for kids to play in. You can get a big box of them very inexpensively at Toys R Us. Joey used to love that and would have a blast throwing balls out to us and falling over and rolling around in them in the pack 'n play. It gave us time to get dinner put together, and he had a ton of fun. :)

Julie & Patrick said...

I love princess destructo! Anya Rashi is changing so much...she is really looking grown up :)

The boys look so cute standing together with their new glasses too.

Sounds like life is never a dull moment at your house...especially with a climber :)

Julie R

Cindy said...

Love their glasses, how handsome they look! I know the feeling with her getting more busy at night! Luke & Emy also like to get busy when they get tired--it's like they don't want to slow down because they know they are going to fall asleep!!

You have a beautiful family!! Love the new pics!!

Cindy O.

The Labontes said...

I can't believe how grown up Anya Rashi looks! The boys are very handsome in their new glasses.

Max Rup gets silly and giggly when he's tired. Glad to hear it is warming up our there!

The Preacher's Wife said...

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Your children are stunningly beautiful!

Great to meet you!!


p.s. Would you like to be added to my Married to the Ministry blogroll??

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