Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nancy's special birthday surprise

Well, I am not as good at writing posts as my wife, but today's post is all about celebrating Nancy's birthday which was yesterday, August 22nd. The boys and I planned a special day for her which involved the following events:

1. Hot chocolate time with the boys and Anya in the morning.

2. A trip downtown to visit one of her favorite coffee places.

3. Some time at a local spa...Modacapelli.

4. Lunch with friends at a restaurant overlooking the Fox River.

5. Cake and presents back at home with our parents.

Our family cannot say enough about how much we appreciate Nancy as a wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law and friend.

Happy Birthday Nancy!

We love you.


Shane,Gidget,and boys said...

Looks like your day was a HAPPY DAY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY,the spa and coffee sounds just wonderful,and then a party? WOW,you did have a BIG DAY,Gidget

Tina and Todd said...

Happy Birthday Nancy - I hope you enjoyed your day. I am sure your family enjoyed celebrating you...

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Clint said...

Happy Birthday Nancy! Thanks for the heads up on the Dalit Freedom Network site!! I just added it to my list of favorite sites.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a few days late! We have been busy this past week with church stuff. Looks like you had a great day!

Cindy said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!! What a great day you had with your family--AWESOME!!

We LOVE birthdays at my house!!

In Christian love,

Julie & Patrick said...

Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes...Nancy!!!

What a fun and thoughtful way to spend your day.

Julie R

Kty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANCY! What a sweet day with your family! Love, Katy

The Labontes said...

Happy Birthday! Hot chocolate time looked like it was being thoroughly enjoyed :)


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday.
Tell Peter he did a very good job with his post.