Friday, October 24, 2008

Three more families are traveling!

My new look is in honor of Kristi, who "tagged" me . . . I am very happy with my 'fro, circa 1978. It's a shame I was too young to be in charge of my own hair decisions in '78, or I'd have much more memorable school pictures. Ha!

We're celebrating -- and living vicariously through -- three Dillon families who are traveling to pick up their children in Kolkata this week! Two of the families are completing their second adoptions from Kolkata, India.

Zachary's family is in India right now, and are almost to the happy day when they will meet their son for the first time! He has big sister Hannah and big brother Samuel to welcome him home. He is a doll, and you can follow their trip at:

Amanda is traveling to meet her son, Prasun, and her blog is at:
I feel especially invested in Prasun because we met him at Anya Rashi's orphanage and took photos for Amanda and her husband. He was such a sweet, sunny boy, and I'm so excited that he will finally be with his family! They have another daughter from Kolkata named Ananya, as well as a bio son Anthony, who shares the same birthday as Prasun (although Anthony is about 7 years older!).

Also, Kristi is traveling to meet her new daughter Shaili. Their daughter Daya is from Kolkata too, and they have two bio sons, Alex and Eli. If you'd like to travel along, their blog is at:

Nothing nearly as exciting as an India trip is happening at our house -- just a nasty cold for Anya Rashi, and three mice that took up residence in our basement (which the boys wanted to keep as pets. Sorry, guys.). So, I think I'll sign off for now, with a smile on my face for these three families!


Amy said...

Love the hair!!! I love all of these blogs - it helps during the wait! Hope Anya feels better soon!

Fenwick Family said...

The hair is just so stylish,LOL.Hope the cold leaves soon.We have had colds too.I think it is the weather change.Thanks for encouragement on my blog,I feel better after everyone's support.God bless,Gidget

Tina and Todd said...

MICE.....Yikes,,,,I am so glad they are in your basement and not mine (sorry)...I would really have to move if they came to our house for a visit:)

Pam said...

Love the hairdo! that is awesome! See what a revolution that I started?? Ha-ha! Hope Anya Rashi feels better soon.

Julie & Patrick said...

All these families traveling really pulls on the heart strings doesn't it? Traveling to such an incredible country AND uniting with a new family member are two of my most memorable moments.

We're enjoying their journey's too. Hope Anya Rashi is better soon!
Julie R