Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is Anya Rashi's birthday! It was 6 degrees below zero this morning when we drove the boys to school. Thankfully, it wasn't quite this cold last year when we were bringing Anya Rashi home!
Last year, we celebrated her birthday on our way home from O'Hare. Our drivers, friends Tina and Todd, stopped off at my sister Alicia's house, where her friend Renee had a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake waiting for us. Peter's parents and brother Bob drove to Milwaukee to meet Anya Rashi, and celebrate with us.

Then, after two more hours in the car, we were home just in the nick of time -- it was just a little before midnight -- so we could always say that she arrived home on her birthday! :o)

This year, we were a lot less tired, and very happy and amazed that a year has gone by. On Sunday afternoon, Anya Rashi's grandparents came over, along with Aunt Alicia and Uncle Matt. The rest of our family will see her in 9 days for Christmas.

She loved every minute of her party! She was fascinated by the Elmo balloon, the red balloons, and her Elmo cupcakes -- and she had fun opening her presents, with a little (okay, a lot!) of help from big brother Nathan. We've never had a birthday so close to Christmas in our family, so everyone agreed that it felt a little bit like an early Christmas celebration.

Today, in honor of her actual birthday, I'm trying a new recipe for Chicken Makhani. If it's any good, I'll post it later. :o) Tonight, we will show her the video footage taken of her at the Matri Sneha baby home, and look at the scrapbook Alicia made of our India trip.

There's a song we've sung to all our kids by folk singer Red Grammer that says everything about our joy today:
On the day that Anya was born
On the day Anya Rashi was born
On the day Anya Rashi was born
The angels sang and they played their horns
And they danced
They danced
Then they smiled and they raised up their hands
On the day
On the day
Anya Rashi was born


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Anya!! Love the cupcakes - she looks so happy in all the pics :).

Julie & Patrick said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Anya Rashi! Wow, how time has flown. Glad your Elmo cupcakes did not lose their faces like ours did :)

Love the song...reminds me of the book "On The Night You Were Born"

Two looks good on you, little one!

Julie R

Our Family said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANYA.Two is such a fun age.We like elmo too.Is she getting the new Elmo doll for Christmas?The cupcakes are 2 cute!It is cold here too.Chat later.Gidget

ColleenC said...

Soooo cute! Happy birthday Anya Rashi!!! She looks adorable- looks like her hair is getting longer than the last pics- I am looking forward to bows and headbands someday so I have to notice these things : )

Kristi W. said...

Happy Birthday Anya Rashi!!!! Looks like the party was a success and the cupcakes are adorable. :) Happy celebrating!!!


Jan said...

Love the song! She's a blessing

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Anya Rashi!! What a beautiful girl you are!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Anya!! Great job on the cupcakes. Looks like she had a wonderful day of celebration.

April :-)

The Labontes said...

I'm a bit behind on my blogs - sorry I missed the post. Hope the birthday / homecoming day was wonderful and sweet. I love remembering our time in India and homecoming last year. Christmas was much less of a blur this year :)

Mallikarjuna said...

Thanks for doing model social work

theheartofachild said...

So good to see the pictures...wow...lots of change in one year! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouragement!!Looking forward to the day when I can post a picture of our daughter!! Now..I just need to get the dossier done!