Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh wow . . . just, wow

By turns, I have been undone, filled with joy, in awe, and reduced to a puddle of tears over the past week . . . all by the posts written by the Compassion International bloggers.

I am part of a chat room of moms who have also adopted children from India, and one recent conversation was about how to share the reality of poverty in their birth country with our children. We have poverty here in the US, to be sure . . . but we have more safety nets, with public schools for all, food programs, and more. I know there are so many who still fall through the cracks . . .

I am including a link to a wonderful, devastating post by Melissa Fitzpatrick:
I still don't know how we will talk with Anya Rashi about the dire reality of poverty in Kolkata. I don't know how we will discuss it with Aaron and Nathan, for that matter. We sponsor a baby home for abandoned girls in Ooty, and I have no idea how we will address that reality either. The only thing I do know is that we have to keep on fighting the good fight, knowing that God's heart is with the poor, the forgotten, and those without hope.

I hope you don't find Melissa's words depressing -- I'm not including her post to depress you. I hope you'll take away some hope, too, and be as humbled as I am by the joy that can be found in the most dire circumstances when people choose to give $32 a month, and some treasured letters a few times a year.

I have an entirely new affection for the children sponsored by my sons' Sunday school classes -- and for the kids who faithfully bring in their money every week, so that San San's and Jaime's lives can be changed.


Amy said...

Tell me about it! The posts have been eye opening for me. I pray we too can find the right way to share this with Simeon.

CindyO. said...

I also follow the compassion bloggers and it is just amazing..thanks for sharing this.