Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We took our last little trip of the summer, to visit Aunt Alicia and do some fun Milwaukee things. If you only think of beer and Harley-Davidson when you hear the word "Milwaukee," you really have to come visit, especially in the summer. There's a gorgeous, long stretch of beach on Lake Michigan, complete with rows of volleyball nets, and all kinds of outdoor recreation. We spent some time watching sailboats out on the lake -- beautiful.

There are also some wonderful museums right on the lake. We visited a new one, which was an instant favorite of Nathan's and Aaron's. It's called Discovery World, and focuses on science and the Great Lakes. During our visit, we also spent a day at the Wisconsin State Fair. In addition to seeing all the animals, and spending lots of time in the DNR Park (that's the Dept. of Natural Resources, not "do not resuscitate"!), the kids also learned how to hook up a milking machine (those are the photos with the plastic cow).

Our other fun game of the day was keeping track of all the different -- and frightening -- food-on-a-stick options!! The winners this year were fried macaroni and cheese on a stick and chocolate-covered bacon on a stick. (I am not making that up!)

The boys, Peter and Aunt Alicia also went to a Brewer game one afternoon while Anya Rashi napped and I had a few rare quiet hours to myself. It was a great way to spend one of the last weeks of summer.

Today we went to the boys' school because the class/teacher lists were posted. Anya Rashi was asking questions about "her" school the entire time . . . she meant Sunday school (where she finally is comfortable), and the YMCA, where I've been exercising for the past four weeks. I hadn't been to Strength and Resistance since Anya Rashi came home, and my back was really starting to let me know it wasn't happy. I've been going in the mornings before Peter leaves for work, but the class time changes when school starts -- so I've brought Anya Rashi to visit the short-term child care a few times. We will see how she does when I'm not there! I'm hoping we will both be pleasantly surprised. :o)


Julie & Patrick said...

Love all the photos. Don't know if I could muster a "bacon on a stick" with chocolate you said? Hmmm

Good for you getting back to the gym! It is hard to squeeze it all in, isn't it?

I hope Anya Rashi learns to love the time to herself too!

Julie R

ColleenC said...

Oh good luck with the Y! Hope it goes well! I am a bit fearful over leaving both my little ones 8 hours a week (I am chickening out and making hubbie drop them at the babysitters!) Looks like super fun vacay!

Amy said...

Love the pics! What a fun trip! The bacon sounds a little strange but I love fried macaroni - just never had it on a stick.

Hope you get more time to yourself :)

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

What a fun "End of the Summer" trip!! I have to agree, the bacon and chocolate doesn't really sound to appealing to me!! lol Looks like you had lots of fun though!! Hoping your boys have a great first day of school!!

Our Family said...

Looks like a great family fun trip!! Chocolate with bacon,now that is something new to me! Have a great back to school time with your kiddos!!
Excercising helps in so many ways,I am looking forward to that just as soon as Adyn starts preschool.We are finally getting in the swing of things around here,now all we need is to sell our truck and get that CALL, we have been waiting for 14 months!! YIKES!!Gidget:)

theheartofachild said...

Can you send me an email? Thanks for the congrats and following our journey!

We are excited!!

Scott and Molly said...

Could Aaron look a little more like Peter (actually Grandpa Leschke)???

CindyO. said...

Nancy! Looks like you guys have been really busy and having lots of fun. Congrats on getting back to the gym, I need to do the same :o)

Anya Rashi is as gorgeous as ever and your boys as handsome.

We can't wait to visit our state fair--we go every year!!