Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Current events

First and most importantly, we are thanking God tonight for the safety of our church's children's pastor and his family. They are spending three months in Hinche, Haiti to serve in a variety of capacities -- and we feared the worst when we heard about the earthquake. Their youngest son Jeffrey was adopted from Haiti, and their other four children are getting a chance to live and serve in his birth country. I'm sure God is planning to use them in all kinds of surprising ways with the needs brought on by this emergency. Our church had sent a medical team there in November, and was planning a trip in February too . . . I don't know yet if they will change the trip dates to help earthquake victims. If you'd like to help, our adoption agency is sending contributions -- just click on the link to Dillon International on the sidebar.

Closer to home, we are appreciating "normal" life even more in the face of such a disaster. Our blessedly mundane current events this January include Anya Rashi moving into a big-girl bed, Nathan participating in his second Pinewood Derby, Aaron competing in a spelling bee . . . and this mama getting her first nesty item for our new daughter.

Anya Rashi, you'll notice, is clutching two ziploc bags of assorted household objects. (Don't worry . . . we don't let her sleep with plastic bags!) Right now, one of her favorite things to do is collect very random items in a bag, then give it to someone with a bright "Happy birthday! Here's your present!" Today's present consisted of a refrigerator magnet, two bracelets, a book, and some plastic dishes.

She has also taken to e-mailing her baby sister several times each day. I open up WordPerfect and she types away (like this: ssssssslll77777777xxx) and clicks the X to send it. Her favorite e-mail topics are sharks, pirates, and ships (surprising choices, since we live an hour's drive from Lake Michigan, much less the ocean!).

We spent last Saturday morning at the Pinewood Derby races. My brother Matt helped Nathan design and build his car, the Blue Bullet, complete with a silver stripe down the middle and flames on the sides. Race day is always fun, but the best part was watching my brother and my son work together on the car.

Not to be outdone by the younger ones, Aaron was beaming today after school . . . he won his third grade class' spelling bee, and will move on to the all-school spelling bee next week! Good times! I loved seeing how excited he was, but how he doesn't boast or brag about himself.

Our new baby is still somewhere on the horizon in 2011. We are holding steady at #7 on the list, but I decided to get her the first present from her Mama and Daddy. I had something to return at a store, and couldn't resist getting her a soft, light green blanket. Anya Rashi is VERY attached to her pink blankie, so I wanted to make sure the new little one has her very own. :o)


theheartofachild said...

How fun to buy the first baby blanket for your little one! #7 and MOVING up...I declare it in Jesus Name!!!
:-) Jenny

Julie & Patrick said...

Relieved to hear that your loved ones in Haiti are safe and isn't it miraculous that they seem to have been placed there to truly help in this time of disaster.

congrats on the big girl bed. Wise choice to have one with rails...which I think was part of our problem. I love the collection game she is playing. We have the the "wrapping" game...similar, but the items get wrapped in blankie instead of going in the bag.

another congrats on the pinewood derby. I remember those days with my brother.

The spelling bee, oh my! how exciting. I hope he continues to do well.

As always, I love the udates. Thanks so much
Julie r

The Labontes said...

Lots of exciting stuff happening at your house!! Love the updates on your kiddos, and grateful that your loved ones are safe, and right where God needed them to be.

Glad to hear you're keeping warm and busy during the winter months!

Jeff and Leslie said...

Absolutely terrible the situation in Haiti, and getting worse every hour. Glad to hear that your Pastor and family are OK. Good luck to them in the coming days.

I remember my own Pinewood Derby cars; none of them looked that cool! Manu also likes to send "e-mail" but he's not yet as advanced as Anya Rashi, LOL. But, Manu did graduate to a bigger bed months ago...ours :-( Way to go Aaron on the spelling bee!

As always Nancy, your family is beautiful and your updates are a lot of fun to read!

russianindianmommy said...


Love the update! We have the "present game" at our house as well. We get random things elaborately wrapped and taped in their artwork.

Glad to hear your church family is safe.

If you would, send me an email; I don't have yours and couldn't respond to your comments on my blog.

Thanks, Tara Loyet

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Prayers to your pastor and family. What a devastation over there!

The kiddos look great!! Love to read updates!! Keep them coming!!

Mommy Missionary said...

My girls collect things in bags all the time too. It keeps them busy but it's a big mess! At least you know she's going to be a thoughtful gift giver!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

You have a lot going on at your house. WOW!, the big girl bed is quite a big step! How fun for your son to create memories with his uncle making derby cars. Those races are so fun, my boys loved them. How exciting for Aaron to win a spelling bee, congrats. I know how hard it is to pass up buying things for baby girl while you wait. It is funny that is the one thing I bought while on the waiting list was a soft blanket, too. Thanks for the updates!

April :-)