Friday, April 9, 2010

April snow showers bring . . .

. . . confusion about global warming. Aaron was asking why we woke up to SIX inches of snow yesterday morning, if the earth is getting warmer! We were all oddly excited about it, though -- we've had a few warmer weeks, so the snow felt like a novelty even after a long winter. After school, we made the last snowman of the winter.


The Pfeiffer Family said...

Wow! Snow in April is unusual for sure, but SO pretty. I wish we got more snow in our neck of the woods. My boys are SO excited if it actually snows and sticks here in the winter. We have had tons of rain and hail lately, but no snow. You all did a great job on the snowman.

April :-)

The Pfeiffer Family said...
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SarahinOK said...

Love the snow. Our friends in Colorado got another storm this week too!

I was thinking I had your email address somewhere but I can't find it. Can you email me so I can save it?

I heard from Tami tonight that a family ahead of us is on hold... so we're each bumped up a number in line! :) Happy #6 to you!

our address- jacobnewsletter at yahoo dot com

Fantastic Family of 5 said...

Beautiful,God always amazes me at the beauty of his creation and how specific things look and feel. Last snow and looks like you al had a last blast playing in it too!:) Gidget
I was at my grandmothers today noticing the beauty of the Dogwood tree and it's color then I see you had April? WOW what weather!!:)Hoping u get some good news this spring!!

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the snow....we didn't get any this year....well, i suppose I should not exactly say that yet! It has been known to happen late here too.

How fun to build one more snowman!