Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adoption quotation

It is nothing spectacular. I suppose a lot of people could look at this picture and say, "So?" And yet the picture is everything. It is everything in its inescapability, as is any quiet work of nature -- a ladybug on a blade of grass -- a tiger on a rock in the afternoon sun -- a mother and her daughter. A mother who was born on one side of the world and a daughter who was born on the other. How did it happen? How did they find each other? There can be no earthly answer. There can only be a divine one.

from The Exact Same Moon by Jeanne Marie Laskas

Thank you, Marilyn, for sending this in the mail -- and for all you offer me as an adoptive mom, writer, follower of Christ, and someone who lives life with joy amidst unpredictability.


Alarie and Todd said...

What a beautiful picture! God's family is ever changing and ever miraculous!

Julie & Patrick said...

Love this photo and it looks perfectly natural to me too! So complicated and yet simply meant to be.

Julie R

jasonliberty said...

Love the photo. What a beautiful testimony of love :-)


The Labontes said...

Miraculous, the way God unites us with the perfect children for our families.