Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent and waiting

This nativity was outside St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata during our trip in December 2007.

I haven't posted for a few weeks, for a variety of reasons. First, I've had a horrible cough for nearly three weeks that mutated into something that required an inhaler and some codeine cough syrup to convince it to go away. But now I think I'm on the road to recovery at last. We had three dear friends from church pitch in by bringing us some meals to help me rest . . . their care and generosity brought tears to my eyes, to say the least.

Second, this week is officially our Christmas crazy week. Nathan is in the Christmas musical at our church this weekend, which Peter directs. Aaron's had several rehearsals for his boychoir concerts this weekend.

Third, our van died and (mercifully!) just needed a new battery. We are so blessed with family who stepped in for chauffeur duty at the drop of the hat until the following day, when we put in the new battery.

Fourth, our adoption morale is kind of low right now, and I just didn't know what to write. We heard back from our case worker after her trip to India in November, and there's very little good news to be had. We are cheering for the families with referrals already, as their paperwork has passed the new CWC hurdle in India . . . but the discouraging news is that things are at a standstill right now, and likely to be that way into 2011.

There are a few reasons for this -- until the families already matched with a child get through the court process and travel to bring their children home, no new babies can be welcomed into our orphanage. Every single child there is matched with a family (which is wonderful), but they're all stuck there as the new paperwork process in India gets sorted out. My heart breaks for all those kids growing older every day without their families, and for all the infants and children turned away because there's no room.

Which brings me to the subject of Advent. While we anticipate Christmas, I can't help but think of Mary and Joseph, waiting for their Child, and being turned away from inn after inn because there was no room that baby either.

And I can't help but think of a weary world waiting for the Child to be born, and for the hope that He would bring. We are weary of waiting, and don't know when our journey will end. But just as Mary and Joseph eventually reached their humble destination, so will we. And just as they rested in the knowledge that God called them to their journey, we can find peace somewhere along our own uncertain journey. It will not be comfortable or easy (although I'm sure it's easier than making a 70-mile trip on a donkey while 9 months pregnant!), but we know what the end will be: a daughter welcomed into our hearts, brought to us because of the love we've received from that other Child.
I hope I can hold onto that idea as the wait continues to drag on.


theheartofachild said...

Oh...I am so sorry to read your adoption news!!! Delays and hard and not fun!!! You are in my prayers!

Mommy Missionary said...

Thanks for sharing that. Of all the families I have known that have adopted the waiting is killer. But maybe as you expressed it is more frustrating because of the injustice of it all. Willing families, needy kids and red tape that can't be broken through. It's hard to see how God has His hand and plan in all that. I hope the advent season will bring you encouragement.

I'm reading a book by Philip Yancey called Disappointment With God. It addresses a lot of those kinds of questions...where is God? Why is he silent? It's really interesting but I can only get through about 3 pages each night before I pass out. :) I'll be praying for you!

Dorothee said...

Dear Nancy,
thank you for your post.
It encouraged me to see the analogy between advent and adoption.
Your family is in my prayers and I can feel with you for these waiting time.

Our Family of 5 said...

Nancy,Hang you said to that faith even now when you can't see. Enjoy and savor the moment of being in process in a exciting adventure,I actually miss it,but not the delays.:( Just maybe these delays mean the rest will be super fast. I wish I could speed things up for you. Gidget

Julie & Patrick said...

Glad you are on the mend. Sorry about the car mishap...and as far as the adoption, I am so saddened that so many are waiting...especially those babies.

My MIL just went to a women's retreat with her church discussing Advent and waiting. She took a picture of Treya and told our story to help illustrate the idea of "waiting". Such a parallel.

I hope you hear good news soon.


Pam said...

Hugs my friend. Hugs. It's great that the babies are all just waiting for Mommas & Daddies to come, but that is so sad at the same time. Too much time. Too much paperwork. Too much sadness. Life has been crazy for me lately, and will only get worse...but if you need an ear give me a call!! :) Praying your next precious daughter will be home with you soon!

Kristy Hall said...


Thanks for leaving your encouraging words on my blog. As you know we are also enduring an epic wait. I really like what you're saying here about Advent and waiting. Definitely something to think about in the coming days.


Nikki said...

Sorry to hear this :(

I spent 6 weeks volunteering in India this summer, and am now fundraising for my work in Kenya, and to support an orphanage in India. I am doing this through $30 blog designs. I am reaching out to families who have or are adopting from India to let them know about this, as a fun way to bring in new readers to your blog, and a way to support India at the same time. Check out or I would love to hear from you by email if you have any questions, or if you simply want to talk India :)



Mommy Missionary said...

I don't have your email so I have to come here to talk to you! You should take pictures and blog about your trip to the shelter today. I'll link to you! Sounds awesome! And I wanted to do the Walter Reed cards too. Maybe tonight... I'm bad at deadlines!

this is my real email :)