Thursday, April 21, 2011

18 months

This is the earliest photo we have of Anya Rashi . . . perhaps our new daughter is being born this month.

So . . . I haven't posted anything lately for two reasons. First, the pace of life has been a wee bit hectic. Peter and the boys performed six shows with the Northeast Wisconsin Passion Play, and I helped chaperone the children's choir backstage. Some dear friends welcomed their third son into the world, and I helped organize a few weeks of dinners for them. We had spring concerts, a two-day trip to Chicago and Milwaukee, along with piano lessons, Scout meetings, and other normal life stuff. I help run an outreach program for at-risk young women, and there were 48 Easter gifts to prepare for them, and teams to schedule for gift delivery. And Anya Rashi started swimming lessons, just for good measure.

But the other reason I haven't written is that I've been very aware of some adoption-related milestones. Peter and I drove to Milwaukee to be re-fingerprinted for the adoption, which means that 15 months have passed since we first filed for our daughter's I800 immigration approval. This month is also the month we thought we might be traveling, if our adoption timeline had followed the same path as Anya Rashi's.

Instead, Easter Sunday will mark 18 months on the waiting list for us. We started out in October of 2009 at #11, and in just a few months, moved up to #7. Then after a few more months, we were #3, and there we have stayed. We never dreamed we would be waiting this long. There have been no referrals since June of 2010, I think -- and before I feel too sorry for myself, I remind myself that Sarah's and Karen's families have been waiting ahead of us even longer.

I am glad that most of our spring busyness is over, so I can concentrate on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and glorious Easter Sunday. The timing is perfect, reminding me of Jesus' friends, disciples, and mother, who thought the story was over when He was crucified. Their wait was three agonizing, grief-stricken days -- they did not know that the story would end with a miraculous resurrection.

I know the end of that story, just as I know the end of our adoption story: new life. We will eventually see that first picture of our new daughter, and eventually fly halfway across the world to gaze upon her in person and welcome her into our family. If I ever doubt that she's real, I only have to look at our evidence -- the bubbly, inquisitive, funny, creative big sister who traveled the same road to us three years ago.


The Pfeiffer Family said...

Oh, Nancy, this post breaks my heart. I have been thinking a lot about you moms on the waiting list. It has been such a difficult and LONG road this time around. It sure becomes really clear just how long it has been when you begin redoing paperwork and fingerprints. That happened to us, too :-( So sorry! With all of the families bringing their children home several referrals have to be on the horizon. I can't wait to see your post that you have a referral and see your baby girl's sweet face :-) How wonderful it is to know that another little girl from around the world will make her way to your loving family.

Enjoy your Easter! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

April :-)

Julie & Patrick said...

Hey Nancy, I know this is so incredibly hard. We all have become good (although I wish it were not the case) at waiting. I suppose to put a positive spin on things...since updating paperwork and fingerprints is pretty much a given, you now know you've crossed that point...the peak. Praying for steady momentum down the other side toward your referral!

I dont' recall seeing that picture of Anya Rashi before...what a treasure.

Happy Easter...

Our Family of 5 said...

Nancy, Sounds like you have been busy as a bee.:) So glad you can relax and find your peace knowing that a new little life will be waiting for you soon. Enjoy this Easter weekend with your family. Just maybe today is the day your baby girl is born. Now wouldn't that be something.:)Oh and that church in Kolkata is United Pentecostal Church of Kolkata.:) Hope you get to visit them,if you decide to go,let us know cause I wanna send something for them with you,Thanks Gidget:)
Hoping to have some pics posted after Easter,Maiya's first!!

Cristy said...

I pray you get a referral in a few weeks. It truly is exciting to think about "Today might be the day my child is born!"

SarahinOK said...

Right there with you, girfriend. I've been silent a while on the blogfront as well. Especially in regard to adoption... I'm in a weird place actually, where I'm just really grateful for lots of distractions and busyness to keep me from thinking too much about the wait. Praying with you that all of us will have some ringing phones soon!

Alarie and Todd said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts..being literally right behind you guys at #4, we are with you in thoughts and spirit. I have told myself when you all get your referral it will officially become REAL! :) appreciate reading your post.

Building Bridges to Orphans said...

Hang in there! Hope is coming!!! It just has to be soon!