Monday, June 20, 2011

Adoption anniversary and Father's Day

Anya Rashi wore one of her Indian outfits to a wedding last weekend -- when we got it for her in Kolkata, it seemed so huge I couldn't picture her fitting into it!

Yesterday we celebrated two important days: June 19 is the anniversary of our court date to finalize Anya Rashi's adoption, and for the rest of the US, it was also Father's Day. It was definitely a day of gratitude for us -- Peter and I have the huge blessing of still having our own fathers close by, and I have the joy of watching Peter parent our kids.

A long time ago, before we even dated, Peter and I saw the movie Parenthood together. (That tells you how long we've known each other!). We were both back on campus a little early because we were on the residence life staff at our university, and decided on a whim to watch the movie together on a free afternoon. During the movie, I remember thinking, "Whoever marries Peter will be such a lucky woman -- he's going to be a great father!" I was dating someone else at the time, and had no idea that I would get to be that woman!

I also had no idea at that time that adoption would be part of my future. We don't do anything too elaborate to celebrate the court date that officially made Anya Rashi part of our family. Usually, we look at photos from that day, and talk about what the kids got to do in the courtroom. I think the day itself doesn't hold as much of an emotional resonance for us because we already felt like she was completely ours, forever . . . and we'd felt that way from the day we first saw her picture.

I am stunned that it's been three years already! Our sons look so little in those photos, and there's barely a trace of baby Rashi left when I look at our long-legged, articulate little girl. Time goes by surprisingly, achingly quickly.


Justice Jonesie said...

Congrats on your three year anniversary! Hope you all had a great day!

The Tiny Team said...

Oh my! You little girl is pure sweetness!!


Pam said...

I had one of those moment the other day. I realized it had been 5 years since we got Micah's referral. It just seems like he has always been my son. I forget those moments at times. Looks like you are having an awesome summer. we need to chat!

Amanda S. said...

What a precious family. You don't know me, but we have a mutual friend in Brittnie W. My husband and I are praying about adopting from India. I would love to hear more about your story, and would greatly appreciate an agency recommendation!