Thursday, March 1, 2012

A season of "yes"

It's March 1 today, which brings us to a season we've never experienced before: being three years "pregnant." We submitted our first sheaf of paperwork to Dillon International back in March 2009, when Anya Rashi was only 2 years old. I've been joking with some other frustrated, sad adoptive moms about how good we look for being in our 12th trimester . . .

Ironically, next month I am emceeing at a women's retreat where the theme will be "Seasons of Life." They will be using the four seasons as a metaphor for our lives with Christ, and for the hardships and joys that this life contains no matter what our age or life stage is.

A question kept occurring to me as we got closer to this three-year mark: if we'd known it would take this long, with no referral in sight, would we still have started this adoption? There are a hundred different angles to this question, but most of them boil down to the question of trust. Do we trust the One who led us to adopt in the first place? Do we trust that we heard His voice whispering that there was another little girl halfway across the world who belongs in our family?

Many times in this life, we are asked to do something without fully knowing what it will entail. So, to you, our as-yet-unknown daughter, we say a resounding, joyful "YES." Our hearts have broken many times thinking of you and all the other children waiting for families, and that makes us say even more strongly, "yes, yes, yes." With tears, with joy, with all our hearts, yes.


Julie & Patrick said...

I can relate to the question you ponder in this post in so many ways. The end result being that I have a daughter that technically I am not suppose to have. If rules were rules that were unshakeable, she would not be part of our family. But, trust and faithfulness being what they are, she is a part of our family. For that, I've learned much and have been blessed many times over.


Sarah said...

I say "yes!" along with you! Would we have started this journey had we known how difficult it might be? Yes! Absolutely! Because the One who has called us is completely trustworthy.

Karen said...

Nancy, what an affirming post and a beautiful testimony to the commitment it takes to adopt, to become a family. Thanks for putting it all into words!

:) Karen

Fox family said...

Thank you for this beautiful testimony. The tree of life is resumed in one word : yes.

Friendly yours