Thursday, April 5, 2012

A feast, a play, and a New Year's Resolution kept

The past two weeks have been FULL. This week, our kids have been off of school for spring break, and we originally considered a road trip of some kind. But with so much happening in the weeks leading up to spring break, we decided to stay home and do a few fun things around here -- and prepare for celebrating Easter, of course.

First, Nathan was part of his class' Medieval Feast. The feast is preceded by entertainment, most of which is written by the 4th grade students. Nathan was a knight, Merlin, a jouster, a troubador, and also wrote a funny rap for the monks following their more traditional evensong. This child loves to be onstage, and does a wonderful job singing and performing. We were so proud of him using his talents.

Then all of the "boys" had five performances of our community's Passion Play. It's the boys' third year in the children's chorus, and Peter's fourth year in the role of Jesus. I love that they're involved in this production because it makes the Easter season markedly set apart for us. It always seems that the trappings Christmas virtually take over the entire culture, while the real meaning of Easter is diminished into only a visit from the bunny -- so I appreciate that our family gets to spend time helping 2,000+ people remember the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. I think that next year, if we still don't have our little one home from India, Anya Rashi and I might join the cast for the crowd scenes and songs.

Rounding out our week was Aaron fulfilling his New Year's Resolution to train for and run a 5K. He and Peter ran together during our unseasonably warm spring, and he successfully crossed the finish line with his Dad. We are so proud that he set a goal and did what he needed to do to achieve it. He plans to do more races this summer.

This morning, we boiled eggs to dye for Easter, and tonight we will have our Lord's Supper together as we prepare for Good Friday and Easter. Happy Easter to all . . .


Julie & Patrick said...

Wow, you have been busy! Even in spring, the grass does not seem to grow under your families feet! I love all the merriment and Easter preparations that are going on at your house and wonder how you manage to keep it all straight. No doubt, YOU are the one who keeps the troops together! Great photos and accomplishments! Love love love the photo of Anya Rashi with her daddy.


Sarah said...

Blessed Easter to you!