Thursday, October 25, 2012

We did not expect THIS . . .

Well, we have a new (though blessedly temporary) snag in our attempts to re-do our 2 1/2 year old dossier.  The notary provided by our medical clinic is not registered with our state!!  We've sent those documents in twice already, and just yesterday the Secretary of State's office FINALLY called to tell us what the problem was.

That notary had also left out the "sworn & subscribed" phrase on one document, which we had corrected -- and we thought that solved the problem.  It would've been kind of helpful if they had told us two weeks ago that she is not registered with their office!

It's an innocent mistake.  She got married and changed her name just a few months ago, and ordered a new seal -- but forgot to have her name changed with the Secretary of State's office.  They also have a different expiration date recorded for her than the one she wrote on our document . . .  I instantly wondered how many other people had her sign their legal documents over the past few months.  Yikes.

Unfortunately, I am in the mama mode of tallying every day we're apart from our sweet K -- and it is not helpful to know that all of these documents could've been on their way to India already.  That is very frustrating, especially since Diwali season is fast approaching, when most things will shut down for a few weeks. 

And now I must call our doctor and have new letters written up -- and make sure there's another notary on staff to sign off on them!   


Julie & Patrick said...

The trials and tribulations! It can be so frustrating. I am glad you now know what the hold up was so you can go back and fix it. This is just one more detail in K's story to share with her how hard you worked to bring her home.

Hope this is the end of the snags!

Sarah said...

Oh, I am sooooo sorry! Ugh! Praying that things move miraculously fast from this point on.

Nikki said...

Ugh!!!! Sorry about the delay and confusion! Never fun when there are bumps along the way! Praying things go smoothly from here on out!!!! HUGS!!!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, Nancy....I am so so so sorry. :o( That is just too frustrating. Let's just pray that the delays will actually help the NOC go faster. I think so much of it is all about timing....whose desk it gets on...where it is in the pile of paperwork...etc. So, I'm going to pray that this delay actually ends up speeding things along in the long run. That you'll be one of those super fast NOC's. :o)

Leveta said...

Nancy: I can so understand your frustration and so sorry this snag has happended. I am praying right now as I type this that this will be the last snag and you can get another step closer to bringing your girl home.Glad you had such good support while Daddy was gone. My husband was in the Navy for 20 years so we missed lots of birthdays, Christmas', anniversarys etc. and family was not close so those supports of church friends and other friends were very important and so glad your little one is better. I have had pneumonia and it is not fun. Took me awhile to get back my energy and my cough lingered forever it seemed. Your boys look so handsome and are growing up fast. Sorry this is so long and praying the next news you get is better for bringing your girl home.
Leveta-wife to Carl,mom to Chad 20 (bio) Sam 16 and Kaitrin 13 both from India through Dillon International.