Sunday, April 7, 2013

Great link & good news

Last Friday, we received much-welcomed news about K's case!  We received an e-mail that said our case had passed the state clearance at last!!  We've been waiting since December, when we submitted our power of attorney -- or October, when we received Article 5.  We're not sure which date . . . but either way, it was a long time coming, and we're very grateful to know that we're headed into the court system.

This week, I also heard of a terrific blog written by Kevin Hofmann, an adult transracial adoptee.  He is African-American, and was adopted and raised by Caucasian parents.  He writes thoughtfully about what it was like to look different than most people in his community, and how it felt to feel like he didn't quite fit in either world.

I really appreciate his honest perspective as a person of color.  I will never truly be able to understand what life feels like inside my daughters' skin, and I appreciate his desire to educate parents so we can serve our kids better. 


Julie & Patrick said...

So glad to hear that at last someone is paying attention to K's case. Yay! One step closer is always great news!


Cristy said...

Great news!

Colista said...

Yay! Excited for you guys! Thanks for the update!

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Kristina said...

Hi, my husband and I are wanting to start the process of adoption from India. I was wondering if I could email you to get some advice. Thanks, Kristina
Congratulations on the movement in K's case:)

Peter and Nancy said...

Hi Kristina, feel free to e-mail -- I think my address appears right by the comment box.

No Greater Love said...

Oh, I am going to go read the blog. And of course I am thrilled about your case moving on. Soooooooo exciting.

No Greater Love said...

Ahhhhh. What a mom he has!!! Love the blog.

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