Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday weekend

This weekend about did me in!  We had beautiful weather (finally!), and our weekend looked like this:

Friday night: We celebrated Nathan's 11th birthday with the grandparents and local uncles. We alternate years for our boys to have a big "friend" party, and this year it's Aaron's turn.  Nathan requested an ice cream cake, so it was my first attempt at making one -- and my good friend Go*gle came to the rescue with an easy recipe.  We loved being able to shower Nathan with love and words of affirmation, and had fun looking at pictures of his babyhood and younger years together.

Saturday morning: Peter helped friends paint their house, and we went back in the evening to help clean up (and play at the park across the street from their house).

Saturday afternoon: Grandpa surprised Anya and me with tickets to see The Lion King, which was an amazing show visually -- the most incredible fusion of set and costume design and music I've seen.  The story comes across as much more profound onstage than in the movie too.

Sunday afternoon: Anya had her long-awaited "friend" birthday party!  We had friends over to make bead crafts (tiaras and bracelets), and it was so nice outside that the girls ended up running around the yard, drawing with chalk and playing on our swingset.  Anya's actual birthday is the week of Christmas, so we chose to delay her "friend" party until a less crazy time of year.

Although the weekend ended up being kind of crazy anyway.  :o)  Whew! 


Candice said...

Sounds and looks like a fun, productive weekend! It's always nice to get those occasional weekends spent with family and friends!


Julie & Patrick said...

Wow! you guys are always so busy. I love the Lion King. Just by luck, we've managed to see it twice and I'd go again if given the chance. Anya Rashi's party sounded fun and I love the cupcakes! Yum!!


The Labontes said...

Busy, but so fun!! Lion King was Maddie's first B'dway musical, and it is STUNNING. I've seen it 4 times, and would go again and again. So much more profound on stage.

Hope your Mother's Day was lovely!

No Greater Love said...

What a fun birthday weekend!!! Those cupcakes look amazing. :)

No Greater Love said...

What a fun birthday weekend!!! Those cupcakes look amazing. :)