Monday, August 12, 2013


Spices at a market during our trip to bring Anya home -- gorgeous and fragrant.
We are officially in court limbo.  Since hearing that our case was verbally approved, we have heard nothing about whether the judge has signed the written court order.  And that precious piece of paper is what will allow the orphanage staff to apply for K's passport! 

Also, we have no idea whether they will notify us when they send in the application for her passport.  The orphanage uses a computer that is off-site, about an hour away.  They are very prompt about e-mailing when they have news, but we aren't sure if they will consider each of the above steps "news."  (Although we sure do!)

Can't wait to be surrounded by beautiful faces in India again.

And Anya's travel visa is also in limbo . . . Would you all please pray about that?  We have been exchanging a frustrating series of e-mails and Fed*Ex packages with the visa office. 

E-mail from visa office:  "Please send us color photocopies of Anya Rashi's U.S. passport."
Us: Wha . . .?   Her passport is currently in your possession, in the first package we mailed. 

Another e-mail from visa office: Please send us an additional fee of $---.00
Us: Umm . . . the check for that amount is also currently in your office in the second package we mailed.

Muy frustrato.  (Not really a Spanish speaker, as you can tell.)

This week, we will be calling them to attempt to speak to a human being, and/or driving 4 hours each way to try and straighten things out.  Argh. Times like these are when I really appreciate the luxury of doing this as a team -- when I am frustrated, Peter has a calm head, and vice versa (most of the time!).  It really makes me admire my single friends who have waded through adoption paperwork on their own . . . you ladies are amazing!


Julie & Patrick said...

ugh! This part is so frustrating. We have to renew Dev's passport and I have a feeling it is going to be a big mess too. When we applied for the VISA for Devi when we went to India to get Treya the VISA people stapled D's Indian passport to her US one. Every time we travel, the officers ask us why is it like this? We have no idea...the passport was delivered back to us with a big note that said don't take it we didn't, but no one knows why.

Hoping for some "news" soon! It is time to get those suitcases out!


Jason and Kelley said...

Bless you! My heart goes out as we're having similar frustrations just getting our paperwork filed for court. Looking forward to hearing things are moving along again soon!

No Greater Love said...

Love these pictures!!!! And I am so sorry this part is so frustrating!!!! I will pray things clear up quickly....and you get your travel news SOON!!!!!

Karen said...

Ay yi yi. So sorry for the visa debacle. We will surely pray for swift resolution! Court papers signed and visas in hand...that's what we wanna see! Can't wait for you to be on your way!