Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No passport, but good news from Show Hope!

I wish I could tell you that Kavya's passport is done (not yet!!) . . . but we are smiling today about something completely different!  We received some great news today. 

Waaaaaaaay back in 2010, the adoption grant organization Show Hope told us that they had chosen our family to receive a grant toward Kavya's adoption.  And today, they communicated with our adoption agency, Dillon International, to say that it's time to send the grant award!

What a thrill to be reminded that God was providing for this final part of the adoption over three years ago -- and how grateful we are to each person who made our grant possible by donating to Show Hope. 

We will have many travel expenses, and many post-adoption expenses such as required visits from our social worker.  It is such a gift to have this grant to help cover that!

Thank you, Show Hope!


Colista said...

Aw, Nancy! This is terrific news! Praying you get passport news soon, soon, soon!

natalie said...

Yay!! What a blessing! Just started following you at the very end of your journey--or maybe, the very beginning depending how you look at it! :) can't wait for passport news--so exciting!

Karen said...

Hooray! That is great.
Checking your blog daily for news of passport! It won't be long now. Are you packed?

:) Karen

Julie & Patrick said...

You've been so quiet lately. In all of our experience, that usually means something exciting is about to happen! While I was hoping for more specific travel news, this is fantastic as well. Congrats.
Now go get that girl, would ya?!


Jason and Kelley said...

Wonderful news! So excited for the day we read PASSPORT! :) It's coming soon!

No Greater Love said...