Thursday, November 21, 2013

I got the 'no passport' blues

If I were more musically inclined, I'd be sitting at the piano writing the song I've been singing for the past week: "The No Passport Blues."

Here's what we know: our RIPA director e-mailed to say that she would be applying for the passport during the week of Sept. 4.

During the last week of October, she said she was going to visit the passport office; the following week, she e-mailed to say that they didn't have a copy of the passport to give her.  So we are wondering now if the passport office lost her application, or what . . . or if that particular office just runs on its own schedule.

During our wait for Anya, we received her passport on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which is also the anniversary of the day Peter and I were engaged.  We're praying that maybe it will come that same day for Kavya . . .

It would be kind of amazing to be back in India at the same time we traveled for our first daughter.  (Which was Dec. 6-16)

But we would be happy if it came before then.

Meanwhile, my mama/planner brain is thinking things like: when should we decorate our Christmas tree?? Will we be here for Aaron's and Nathan's boychoir Christmas concert?  Will we still be here for St. Nicholas' Day (Dec. 6 for the non-Dutch/German readers)?  So many questions -- and all the kids have a big one too:  "Will you be gone Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?"  I hope it doesn't take that long!

And I did dig out Kavya's stocking so I can bring it to an embroidery shop -- we've been hanging a blank fourth stocking for the past four years.  Last year, it felt too soon to have her name put on her stocking.  Even though we received her referral at the end of August last year, there were still so many hoops to jump through with approvals and court dates.

The most difficult thing to handle is my frustration that Kavya has been living an extra, unnecessary two months in an institution.  I long to be there when she is sick, when she's afraid, when she learns something new, when she just wants someone's undivided attention.  And my heart breaks for all of the children who are waiting months and years for this slow process that is their only hope for a permanent family.

But we are praying and hoping that this is her year!  Despite the unpredictable (but predictably longer than promised) wait . . . that name is going on her stocking!  She belongs here, with her name right beside her brothers' and sister's on our mantel.


Kristen said...


I'm praying today! Praying that the Lord blesses you with news soon. I can only imagine how much your mother heart aches to hold your little girl. Keep me posted on news.

Karen said...

Oh boy, do I ever understand this post!! Praying for Kavya today, for her passport, and for YOU. One more hurdle, and you're THERE. It's SOON, it's really really soon. Be brave, Mama! Busy yourself with Christmas preparations… that email is gonna arrive any day and you will be on a jet in the blink of an eye.

No Greater Love said...

Oh, my heart does ache for you, Nancy. It has been soooo looooong. I am praying for you. Love you!!!!!!

natalie said...

Thank you for the update--been checking lots about what's going on for you. Praying you'll hear good news within the next couple days!!

MiaMyIndianAngel said...

Praying for you! The unknows are SO hard, especially when you are SO close!

Sue Zanna said...

Hi Peter and Nancy,

Could i have your email id so i can send you my postal address for the Christmas card?

Praying that the passport works out soon!


Cindy said...

Hugs to you Nancy. I'm so sorry you are still waiting. It brings back very painful, very real memories of waiting for our Emy to come home. Sending some love from NC. Praying and hoping you have that precious child in your arms before 2014.
Love, Cindy

Lucy said...

I'm praying for you as you wait and hope you hear something very soon!!