Saturday, November 24, 2007

Travel plans

Our travel plans are complete! We, along with Nancy's sister Alicia, will travel December 6-16.

Months ago (maybe even years ago!), we asked Alicia if she'd consider coming along. She was in the delivery room with us when our boys were born -- and we wanted her to be with us when our daughter came into our family. She didn't even hesitate! She said yes right away, and can now add India to her list of international travels.

Her list, by the way, is pretty amazing: she climbed Kilimanjaro last year, and climbed to base camp of Mt. Everest two years before that. Between those two treks, Alicia traveled to Taiwan with the U.S. women's amateur boxers as the team's doctor. (She will not be happy that I'm bragging her up, but I'm very proud of her, if you couldn't tell!)

So, in less than two weeks, we will all be India-bound!


Karen said...

I'm so excited to see your great news! I haven't had web access over the T-giving week, so this is the first I've been able to send CONGRATULATIONS and a big WOO-HOO to you!!! Can't wait to follow your travels!


Julie & Patrick said...

Glad to hear of your travel news. It won't be long now. What a wonderful way to start your holidays!!

It sounds like you will be in excellent hands with your traveling companion too.

Happy traveling and can't wait to hear about your adventures!


The Labontes said...

So glad that the plans are in place. I think this must be a great tme of year to be here. The weather has been very comfortable. Can't wait until you get here and get your baby girl.

(2 days till Max!)

Beth said...

What WONDERFUL news! :) So very excited for you! Can't wait to meet Anya Rashi! Let us know if you need anything at all!

Todd and Michele said...

CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS - - All I can say is enjoy every momeent - takes lots of pictures, because before long, the long anticipated venture will be done, and you will literally wonder where the time went! Best of luck with the travels and congratulations again - we'll be thinking and praying for you guys!

Amy and Clint said...

Ysy! I can't wait to follow your journey!