Thursday, December 6, 2007

We're on our way!

It was 3 degrees below zero when we dropped the boys off at school this morning. Yipes. We can't wait for the 70-degree weather awaiting us in Delhi! Poor Anya won't know what's happened to her nice, warm world when she gets off the plane in Chicago.

Aaron and Nathan are so excited that we're going to get their baby sister -- they haven't even mentioned missing us at all. :o) It helps us to know that they're going to be having a ball with their grandparents while we're away. (Okay, it really helps Nancy, who cried after they walked into their school!)

We had a great drive down, first with Peter's dad, and the next leg of the trip with Alicia's friend Lucia. We feel so blessed by the way so many people are helping us along our way.

Right now, we are an hour away from take-off. First stop will be London, next stop Delhi!


Kristi said...

So glad you are on your way! I'll be praying for safe flights. Can't wait to follow along on your trip and see those pictures of you holding Anya for the first time!


Amy and Clint said...

Have a wonderful trip - can't wait to see Anya!

Beth said...

I woke up with prayers in my head for you this morning. I'm so excited for you I can hardly stand it! Best wishes for a safe trip and a very happy meeting with Anya Rashi. :)

Jan Knapp said...

We're sooooooo excited for you. Safe journey!! Give that little girl a hug for us!

Todd and Michele said...

First step down, enjoy all of them! Before you know if Anya will be in your arms and everything else will be a blur. Can't wait to heare more.

Scott and Molly said...

We, too, are so excited for you. Hope your flight is going or went well. Big kisses for Anya from us.

schoolboy said...

You came to mind often today! I hope everything is going well. We look forward to hearing that you've made it to India! Prays for safe travel and peace of mind are coming your way.
Jenn J.

Tim and Tiffany said...

WE are sooooo excited about your adoption! We are praying for you!
Tim and Tiffany