Thursday, December 13, 2007

All about Anya Rashi

Today was all about getting to know Anya Rashi. I wondered how she would feel when she woke up in a strange place . . . At first, she was a little quiet and hesitant. Within about 15 minutes or so, she was turning around on my lap to see the hotel room, and reaching for a drinking glass and her bottle.

She was very vocal and happy all day. Unlike yesterday, she wanted to walk around and explore, and was interested in toys. I can't believe what a change there was compared to last night. We were prepared to hold her all day, and kept our expectations low about seeing smiles -- but she surprised us all!

Peter and I had to take her to the embassy today to complete her travel visa. While we were there, we met a family with a 17-month-old named Aisha. They are headed to the U.S. to work at ITT in Chicago-- the husband is a physics researcher. They were very curious about why we chose to adopt when we already have two sons, so we gave them a very short version of our story. Anya Rashi and Aisha had fun playing together while we all waited.

We felt brave, and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Anya Rashi did very well, eating papaya, shepherd's pie, and an Indian sweet for dessert. She likes to eat, but not to drink much. Ms. Roy said she doesn't care for formula, so they try to get it in her by mixing it with cereal and biscuits. So, we have been experimenting to see what she likes; mango/orange juice -- slightly. Water -- a little. Ms. Roy said she likes sweet lime juice, so we'll have to scour the stores for it.

She took two naps today, and is sleeping beside Peter now. In the early hours last night, she flung her leg over Peter's neck! He tapped me with his foot to wake me up, so I could take a picture. Too funny!

We also called Aaron and Nathan tonight, so they could hear their sister's babbling. They are so excited to meet her, and are bringing yesterday's pictures to school to show their classmates. We feel so blessed to call her our daughter. We have been enjoying her so much . . . she is definitely worth the wait.


Angie Montoto-Farley said...

I just posted on yesterday's and now there's a new day for you and what great updates! She is such a radiant child!

TimW said...

She is beautiful. Sharing this experience has blessed my life.

Thank you so much!

The Labontes said...

She's so beautiful. She looks perfect with you guys! So glad you're enjoying the time with her!

JeannieJQ said...

So nice to see the smiles.
More happy times ahead, I am sure.
Blessings. Jeannie.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Peter and Nancy
She is beautiful

Laurie Conway

Scott and Molly said...

Morgan pointed at her picture today and said, "An-nah". She's excited for her new friend!