Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meeting Anya Rashi

As I write this, Anya Rashi is sleeping on the bed. This has been an amazing day, when our family of four officially became a family of five! Our lives will never be the same, and we are so grateful God created our daughter and joined our lives together through adoption.

This morning, we made arrangements to meet Ms. Roy, the orphanage director, at 2:oo. I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck! Not sure why -- I thought I'd just be over the moon and excited, but Peter said I deserved a free pass for however I felt, since I was in "labor" this morning!

We spent the rest of the morning bagging up our donations for the children -- many thanks to all of you who contributed! We also wrapped our presents for the ayahs (nannies), although the gifts seemed so small in comparison with the jobs these women do every day. Then, we went shopping! We found some Indian clothes for Anya Rashi to grow into, and a few other gifts for family and friends.

Then, we were off to Matri Sneha (Mother's Love) baby home! We met with Ms. Roy and signed Anya Rashi's paperwork. Ms. Roy is an amazing, caring, thoughtful woman. She answered all our questions, and was so humble and kind. Next, we were in for a great surprise: they had compiled a baby book including Anya Rashi's newborn picture, her favorite foods, and a description of her personality: calm, quiet, cheerful, playful. Of course, I cried. :o)

Then, it was time to meet Anya Rashi. When we went into the room where she was waiting with all her baby friends, I was immediately struck by how happy, healthy, and content they all were. Then, we saw her . . . she was so dear and beautiful. She was a little apprehensive about being picked up, so we took it slowly. There were a few whimpers and cries, but she did all right as we carried her down to the car.

We also got to see the other facility, where the newborns and special needs children live. A note for some other waiting families: we saw Luke Swarnadip -- he has loads of personality and seemed very outgoing! He was such a lively cutie! We also saw Prasun, who had a completely endearing (and quick) smile. He is a charming little man! Elizabeth's family will be glad to know that she was playing fun with her friends, and seemed healthy, happy, and full of fun.

After seeing all the children, we brought Anya Rashi back to the hotel. She was tuckered out, and fell asleep on the ride back. The deep breathing of a sleep-heavy baby is so sweet . . .

This first night, Anya Rashi was pretty bewildered. She woke up after her nap in a strange place, with pasty pale people! She stuck to me and Peter like glue. As the night went on, she relaxed a little, laughing when Nancy kissed her tummy, when Peter made funny noises, and when Aunt Alicia kissed her hands. When our dinner was delivered, the two men spoke Bengali to her and she lit up! It was so good to see.

We can't begin to tell you how much joy we feel tonight. The only thing that would've made this day better would be having Anya Rashi's big brothers here too. Aaron and Nathan, we can't wait for her to meet the two best boys in the world!


Karen said...

Hooray!!! She is so beautiful! What a wonderful, wonderful day!

sending love!
Karen (Jenya's mommy)

Kristi said...

Congratulations! Anya Rashi is just adorably beautiful and looks perfect with her new family. What a relief to finally have her in your arms! Hope the rest of the transition goes smoothly for all of you. :)

Kristi (Daya's mama)

Amy and Clint said...

What a wonderful day! Congrats!

Joel and Jenn said...

Congratulations on making it through "labor" this morning and on all the years of "labor" that brought you to this place in India holding your daughter. I was so excited to read your blog this morning. Our prayers will continue to cover you as you bring your sweet girl home.
Jenn J.

Sue Broeren said...

YEAAHH! I had tears in my eyes as looked at the pictures! she is so sweet and snuggly! She looks comfortable with you already!I cant wait to meet her! enjoy the rest of your time in India! Any chance you could send Jeremy a postcard and say you saw the ginderbread man in India?(it's for school) The gbman ran off and they are trying to find him. I pray you have safe travels home and for Anya's adjusting to her new family, surroundings, and weather!

love, sue

Jerilyn said...

Oh Happy Day! I'm crying tears of joy! She's so beautiful and you all look so happy! Joy M. was walking through my office watering plants as I checked your blog so we read it and saw the pictures together. She sends her love. What a beautiful baby, what an amazing day, what a great God! Can't wait to see Anya in person!


Scott and Molly said...

Tears... just lots of tears.

Pam said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I'm so happy for you.
Micah's Momma

Beth said...

Happy tears being cried right now! I'm so relieved she's in your arms at last. She's so beautiful, and you are all so blessed. Can't wait to meet her and give you all lots of hugs!

Karen said...

P.S., I love her funny little teeth!!


Dave said...

Congrats! This is really great!

Jeff said...

Congratulations! Everyone looks so happy!

The Labontes said...

Oh, my gosh! I'm elated for you guys! Enjoy!

Max still gets excited when he sees Anya Rashi on the screen :)

Hugs from Maine,

Mike & Kim said...

Oh - what a beautiful moment to read about your meeting her for the first time! I thought about you every day and all day today, imagining what that moment would be like. I'm feeling verklempt! She is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her in person! Our prayers continue to be with you as you finish your India side of the journey. Love, Kim & Mike

Karen, Mark, and Will said...

Ditto what Molly said... I'm just a-weepin' here... we can't wait to meet her!!!

Jan said...

We just think she is absolutely beautiful. We are soooo happy for you all. Many many tears of joy. We'll be praying for you on your journey home.

JeannieJQ said...

This is truly a time to rejoice!
I'm so happy for you all.

I think that it is such a great idea that you had to get some clothes from India for her to grow into, what forethought.

Glad everything is going well and I pray that it continues to go well. I'm sure her guardian angel is right there watching over you all too. :-)

Blessings from above. May you share many happy momments together as a family. Thanks be to Yahweh for His wonderful works to the children of men.
Love you bunches. Jeannie Quall.

deniseanne16 said...

I have no words to describe the joy I feel inside my heart for you. Anya Rashi is even more beautiful now that she is in your arms and on her way home. God is so awesome!

Anne said...

It's amazing that the day you have been waiting for has finally come and gone. Seeing Aaron and Nathan again after being away for so long will bring another flood of tears.
You will be together soon.

Marlo Dempsey said...

I checked the site every half hour until finally...WOW! Tears of joy, on and off all day. She's so beautiful you guys. She just fits so well in your arms. God is so good!

Tom Jones Family said...

Wow guys! I know I cannot even to begin to know the hapiness you both felt today. It is such a huge day for you guys and I thank you for sharing that moment with everyone. I am very happy for you guys and I know Anya Rashi could not be more blessed than to have you guys as a family.

We have said lots of prayers for you guys and we will keep on. We cannot wait to meet Anja Rashi.

Safe Travels!!

Patti Beck said...

I was off to bed, then remembered today was "the day", so I HAD to read your blog first! Congratulations to you all! How wonderful to finally have your beautiful daughter in your arms! May God bless the rest of your travels.


The Hammertons said...

We had been updating your blog page all day, and then....we saw her, saw you, and burst into tears. :) Liz and I did a little cryin' and lots of cheerin' over the phone, and the kids jumped for joy. The joy on all of your faces can be felt all the way to Appleton. I bet the boys can't wait to meet her (neither can we)!

Love you,
Kathy, JP and kiddos

Philip and Kris said...

We are so thrilled for you guys! Its clear by looking at the pictures that a Mother and Fathers' bond is not based on genetics. You both look so incredibly happy. She is a beautiful little sweetie!
Nancy, you have that same "glow" that a new mother should have. I know that you will cherish these "first" moments with Anya, What a wonderful story you have to tell her!
I believe that God is blessing you because you have blessed so many others. We really appreciate you and all you've done!
We Love You!
The Pease Family

Andy and Mary Eickman said...

Praise the Lord! We are so happy for all of you.

Mary and Andy

Todd and Michele said...

Congratulations! What a spectacular day - I love all the detail you put into this. Ahly is really excited to meet Anya - of course when you guys are all settled.

Julie & Patrick said...

How wonderful of a day it has been!
Congrats to you and Anya Rashi!!!

(Devi's mom)

Angie Montoto-Farley said...

We are so happy for you all, Yasmin and I are reading this right now and looking at the gorgeous photos; Thanks for sharing. We miss you Alicia and have a safe return, everyone!
16 St friends

Amanda said...

I'm so glad to see your daughter in your arms. Thank you so much for the kind words about Prasun. He is our sweetie and can't wait to get him.