Monday, December 17, 2007

Home at last

We've had a great homecoming! We were met at the airport by Appleton friends Tina and Todd, and Chicago friends Heidi and Charlie -- it was so good to see familiar, loving faces. We drove to Milwaukee and met Peter's folks and brother Bob for birthday cake, courtesy of Alicia's friend Renee, and an hour break for all of us to stretch a little after the long flights.

This morning, Anya Rashi met her brothers for the first time! We kept them home from school today so we could have some time together. Anya Rashi seemed surprised to see some non-adults, and the boys thought she was adorable.

We three travelers are quite tired, and our body clocks could use some major adjustments. We are doing fine, all things considered -- especially because we've had so much help. Our friend Kathy brought us a meal tonight, and Peter's mom helped with laundry and boy-tending today so I could nap when Anya Rashi did. Nancy's mom picked up the boys from school and has been very helpful as well.

We feel so grateful for the loving people in our lives. Know that we are unbelievably grateful for you, even if the thank you notes and Christmas cards don't arrive for a while! Please pray for a quick recovery from jet lag . . . and for many fond memories to be made while we get to know our baby girl. We will try and post some photos in the near future.


Amy and Clint said...

Welcome home! Enjoy your time with your little one.

Anne said...

Tell Nathan and Aaron that Aunt Anne says they should ask for two days off from school.

The Labontes said...

So glad to hear that your entire family has been united at long last. Enjoy the holidays!

Sheri said...

Welcome home!
Enjoy your family and get plenty of rest!!
Have a great holiday!

Julie & Patrick said...

Boy do I remember the jet lag!!! Welcome home! Hope settling in continues to go well!!

Julie R

Kia, Kevin, Kieran & Fiona said...

We are so happy for you and wish you so much happiness. Congratulations to your family! Merry Christmas!

Eric said...

We are so glad you are safely home. What a beautiful baby. And how lucky to be with you two and those wonderful boys.
All our love.
Rick and Marilyn

Adoption Blog said...

Welcome home!

Have a fantastic holiday and try to rest despite the long "to do" list you might have.

Enjoy these preious moments...time flies.

Happy Christmas

Sas & Co from Luxembourg

P.S. Your DD is very beautiful ;-)

Kristine Wiegman said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy for all of you! What a great way to start the New Year! She is a beautiful, precious girl.

May you always rejoice in the blessing of adoption - knowing you were chosen by God for each other. It's an amazing life event! :o)

In Christ,
Dave, Kristine & Hannah Wiegman