Friday, December 7, 2007

We're here!

Hi everyone! It is 4 in the morning and we have finally arrived here at the hotel in Delhi. Nancy and her sister are sleeping and she is way better at posting the blogs than I am, but for now we wanted to let you all know that we have arrived safely with very few travel bumps in the road.
(Actually, everything flowed smoothly until an hour long wait on the runway as we landed in Delhi, along with a drunk person who had to be escorted off the plane by the police!)

We want to say hi to our sons, Aaron and Nathan! We love you boys and we miss you. We know you are following this so know that Mom, Dad and Aunt Alicia are thinking of you.

More details and maybe even some pictures to come. We will read your replies and comments after we get a little sleep.

God is and has already been so good to us to provide us safe travel and the generous hospitality of the Indian people we hae met so far.

We will update soon....

Peter and Nancy


JeannieJQ said...

Hi Peter and Nancy,
This is a very fun way to follow your journey. So glad you are doing the blog. :-)
It will be down to only 1 degree tonight here.
So happy you are now in India and will soon be with your little girl.
Blessings from above. Jeannie Quall.

Jan Knapp said...

Hey Rick on his cell phone number. Merli has been trying to find you. Love you guys!

TimW said...

Isn't India in a 'Roaming Area' for a cell phone?

kholzer<> said...

Karen<>< Hi Peter and Nancy! I'm glad you are there and being on a new journey that will soon expand with a new family member. There is a reason I think that God let's us have delays in the airports and the landing strips. Remember Jill briscoe experience. Our family went to the chrismas musical on Sunday. Outstanding Peter. Barry rocks. We are praying for you on your journey. Enjoy and take lots of pictures. Karen and Tayla