Monday, December 24, 2007

Family fun

We have been settling in pretty well -- by day, that is! Each night continues to be a little bit different for amounts and quality of sleep. :o)

Peter and I think it's like having a newborn, in terms of building trust, and trying to respond quickly to her at night. But this "newborn" weighs about 20 lbs., and man, does this girl like to move! She will have no trouble keeping up with her brothers.

She is a very bright, chipper, active little girl, and our days have been very fun. Anya Rashi likes to explore everything in the house, and can entertain herself with plastic containers, a piece of wrapping paper, Christmas tree ornaments, and Nathan's Rescue Heroes. Sometimes, she even plays with baby toys!

She loves to clap her hands, dance to music, and say "ta-dah" while holding a toy on her head -- something Aunt Alicia taught her while we were in Kolkata. She also blows kisses, and kisses the Cabbage Patch doll from our friends Molly and Maria.

We celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday, and will celebrate with Peter's family tomorrow. So far, we've stayed home, so tomorrow will be the first time she's left the house. She is very interested in our back door, however, and how people come and go . . . so we think she will enjoy being one of them.

A merry and blessed Christmas to all.


The Labontes said...

So happy to hear you are adjusting well. I hope the boys are enjoying their new baby sister.


Kristi said...

I love the picture of Anya with her brothers. So precious! I'm so glad you got to spend Christmas with your daughter home this year, finally!

Kristi (Daya's mama)