Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful, rewarding and joyful Christmas 2007 it has been! The morning started out quiet and peaceful believe it or not with Anya Rashi slowly waking up looking very cute in her own sleepy way. Then the boys woke up. We read the Christmas story out of the gospel of Luke and sang some Christmas songs together. Then we opened up our simple gifts to one another. A book here, a toy there. It was a great way to start the day.

Aaron said. "Better than all the gifts that we can get today is the fact that we have each other and Jesus." That really melted my heart.

I (Peter) went to church to help support the Christmas Day services. We have a family-oriented service on Christmas Day and I do not normally have to "work" that service, but it was neat to see families come to church on this day with their kids and have kids up on the platform answering questions and sharing their funny, insightful answers to questions about what Christmas is all about.

After that, Nancy, the boys and I went to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. Nancy's family is smaller (her mom, dad, her brother Matt and her sister Alicia and us).

My family is definately not small! I have six brothers and sisters who came from all over the Midwest to my sister Lynn's home near Fond du Lac. Some of them are married so they of course brought their kids. The place is a riot: food, card games, cousins playing with each other, great conversation and time together. It can sometimes feel a bit crazy to have that many people in one space, but each year we try and carve out pockets of time to connect with one another.

My family was very excited about seeing Anya Rashi. She did a pretty good job with the big crowd. I really appreciate the love and support that both our families have given us. They have extended their prayers, time, finances and love to her, our boys and to us. We are so blessed! My dad even had a picture of Anya Rashi on the cover of our family calendar this year. Thanks Dad!

We have invited them over for some breakfast tomorrow morning, so there is still a bit of work for Nancy and I to do before then.

Our hearts are simply overflowing with awe and gratitude to Jesus for His goodness and to our families for their pure, simple love and kindness to us this Christmas. It will not be one to forget.


The Labontes said...

So glad to see you all as a family this Christmas! The kids look so great together.

Take care,

Julie & Patrick said...

It sounds like a wonderful first Christmas together! I marvel at how well you've all come together in such a short amount of time:)

Julie R

Amy and Clint said...

So precious! Love Anya's dress!

Karen said...

What fun Christmas pics! She is just DARLING! What a joy to have Anya Rashi home for Christmas.