Friday, May 16, 2008

Future gymnast? Rock climber? Who knows?

Our little girl continues to amaze us. In the past two weeks, she has been very busy practicing new skills, such as taking marker caps off and trying madly to clip her own highchair "seat belt" and car seat harness.

She also figured out how to open the front door! I watched her for about ten minutes as she worked with great concentration. She experimented with pulling the lever and pushing on the door, then gradually figured out how to do both at the same time. Success at last -- she made it out onto the front porch, with Mama quickly scooping her up before she got to the steps!

She is very adventurous at the park, figuring out ways to climb onto and off of play equipment that was never intended for a 17-month-old! It never fails -- every time we're at the park, other parents always comment on how fast she is, and how busy. They almost always say "I hope she takes a long nap, so you have time to sit still!" Maybe gymnastics or rock climbing are in her future . . .

Or boxing. She has learned the fine art of smacking at her brothers when she's frustrated with them. Where do kids learn these things?! The funniest thing is watching how indignant Aaron and Nathan are when she does it. We've had some hilarious conversations with them about how they used to bite, hit, etc. when they were little (they can barely believe us, of course).

Anya Rashi is also working on her first-year molars. Her top right molar is halfway through, and we can see the bottom two below the surface. We're hoping they don't take too long to come through, since there have been a few (okay, more than a few!) nights with wake-ups and tears this past week. Funny how easily we get used to a good night's sleep, and how quickly we miss it when we're not getting it. :o)

Today marks five months home. The time has really flown by, and it's hard to remember that she was once much more hesitant and reserved with us. Now, she's a little whirlwind who freely offers hugs, kisses, and a content head resting on our shoulders -- she is just as confident as can be in so many ways.


Pam said...

Seems very familiar to me!! ;o) Love the update. She sounds like she keeps you quite busy! Love the brother story. I'm sure they found it impossible to believe they were anything other than the perfect boys they are now! LOL! ;o)

Cindy said...

Busy, busy, busy! Boy, do I feel it too!!

I absolutely love your pictures that you post--you have three beautiful children!!


Julie & Patrick said...

You can definitely see a bit of spit-fire in Anya Rashi's cute little expression. The boys look cheek-pinchingly cute...although I'm sure they would rather not hear that!

The front door...uh-oh! I guess it is never a dull moment around your house!

I love to hear how well the kids are warms one's heart :)

Julie R

The Labontes said...

What a little devil! Problem solving skills rock :)