Monday, May 5, 2008

May 1

This week held a special anniversary for us -- May 1 last year was the day we saw the first picture of our daughter. We all gathered on the living room couch after a call from Tami at Dillon International, with the computer in the middle of the huddle.

With great anticipation, we opened up the photo of a gorgeous four-month-old girl named Rashi. She had caramel skin and deep black eyes, and our breath caught in our throats as we thought, "This is the tiny person God chose for our family."

We are so blessed to be the family who got to welcome her home -- and love her for the rest of our lives.


The Labontes said...

What a stunning first glimpse, and start to an incredible journey!


Julie & Patrick said...

It is amazing, still...these memories evoke that same breath-caught-in-your-throat feeling a year later...

Anya Rashi is precious.

Julie R

Cindy said...

How beautiful and special!! Thanks for sharing. .


Pam said...

Nancy, I don't remember seeing her referral pic. She is gorgeous in that picture! Wow!! isn't it the best to remember all these wonderful days. We are coming up on two years ago that we saw Micah for the first time! Where did that time go???

Kristi said...

She's a stunner, that Anya Rashi! I can't get over how gorgeous that girl is. :)

Your boys are pretty darn cute, too! They almost look like twins in their football jerseys.