Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who needs water?

I just had to post these funny photos. I was doing some much-needed weeding, pruning, etc. with all three kids running amok in the yard. After a while, Anya Rashi decided to make her own fun. She dragged our little plastic pool out of the garage and proceeded to swim . . . in absolutely no water. She was so funny, laughing and crowing at her clever idea.

I haven't posted this before, but for months now, Anya Rashi has been using very distinct names for her big brothers. Aaron's name is translated into "Yarah" or "Yarin." Nathan's name is a bit more unusual . . . she is very focused on the middle part of his name, and calls him "Th." It just cracks us up, and is somewhat confusing for people outside our family, who think she's spitting or something. It's one of those details I don't want to forget as time passes, so I'm recording it here. :o)

In other happy news, there has been lots of activity at Anya Rashi's former home, the Matri Sneha orphanage. Last week, after months of no activity while waiting for the baby home's license to be renewed, four families found out who their new child will be!

One of them is Ahly's family -- their blog is listed on the right-hand column of ours. Their new baby son's photo is posted there, and he is adorable! We are so thrilled for these families, and we remember all too well the elation we felt last May 1, when we saw Anya Rashi's face for the first time.

Today there are four fewer orphans in the world, four more family circles completed, and four more children who will be embraced for the rest of their lives by loving parents. Our warmest congratulations go out to these families, and our loudest shouts of praise to our amazing God for choosing these children for these parents!


Tina and Todd said...

That girl is so cute - and I love how she enjoys life:)

Cindy said...

Anya Rashi--you have a good time, girl!! Keeping your mama on her toes I see!!

I am also glad about the referrals. it is about time for some action..