Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peace protest for Indian Christians

I found an article today about a peace event in Chicago on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Indian state of Orissa:
People have been attacked, as have buildings and institutions, including churches, convents, and Christian-run orphanages. It chills me to think of someone bombing or burning an orphanage -- how desensitized do you have to be to destroy a building that houses innocent children?

We know a couple who runs a Christian humanitarian aid organization in Ooty, as well as a Bible college and a home for abandoned baby girls. I am in awe of Usha and Murli Menon and their worthwhile, heart-breaking work . . . they pour out their lives and their love each day. They are the reason we adopted from India. They spoke at our church about the baby girls they are raising, all of whom were rescued after being left to die at birth. We felt an instant connection and calling, as though God was showing us how our next child should join our family. We have been immeasurably blessed by them -- they set in motion the process that led to our dear Anya Rashi.

I met an Indian pastor at a conference two weeks ago. His name is Sunny Abraham, and part of his work is reaching out to trafficked women in Chennai. He asked to see a photo of Anya Rashi, and then thanked me for adopting her so she would not end up living on the streets. I didn't know what to say -- we feel that we are the ones who should be thankful, especially to her birth parents. Truthfully, I don't like to think about what her future might have been, had she not been placed with a forever family . . . and it makes me think of the millions of kids in India who don't have anyone to care for them. Sunny also told me a little bit about his life. His wife is a "tribal," a designation within India's caste system. Sunny's parents have accepted her, but his siblings no longer speak to him because of his marriage to her.

Would you please join me in praying for these three -- for their safety and their ongoing work? There are so many others, of course, but sometimes it helps to know a few names and a little of their stories. Thanks.


Amy said...

I will remember them in my prayers - I have been keeping up with the violence towards all of the Christians - especially the dalits. It breaks our hearts! One of the missionaries that our church supports, Ken Pounders, has an orphanage in Orissa. They have had to evacuate all of the children to a refugee center and they have already had one child die due to the unsanitary conditions there. The orphanage was at risk of being burned down by the persecutors and it was their only option. Please also remember them in your prayers.

Tina and Todd said...

I am thankful for your post - and was honored to have the privilege to meet Sunny who was such a joy to talk with. And what a sweet, sweet blessing Anya Rashi is!!! Love you guys!!!

Shane,Gidget,and boys said...

I will remember this. I totally agree,how densitized does a person have to be.The scary thing is that some people think it just in other countries,but in all reality these things can happen anywhere.The good thing is that the lord is in control and prayer does change things,all we have to do is hear and do the will of god at our best. GREAT POST,Gidget

Candice said...

Thanks for this post. We have a friend in India as well who runs a Bible School and small orphanage. He said that their pastors are having to spend a lot of time hiding in the forests around. It is so hard to believe from the comfort that we live in here. :(

The Labontes said...

We are certainly holding the whole region in our thoughts and prayers.