Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleo = Cletus?

Get ready for bird drama, part II . . . when I brought Cleo to the vet for her re-check, the receptionist looked at her chart and said, "Cleo? That's a funny name for a boy." Apparently the vet discovered and recorded that Cleo has been living a lie (and didn't really mention it to me!). So our bird is actually a male.

A woman in the waiting area cracked me up. She overheard our conversation and asked, "How much did that operation cost you?"

My sons are thrilled that the balance in our house is no longer 3:3, but 4 to 2, in favor of boys again. They can turn anything into a competition! Of course, we had to come up with a more manly name, so we're happy to announce that Cleo shall hereafter be known as Cletus. :o)


The Labontes said...

Too funny. So how will you shift the balance back to the girls? :)

Our laying hens permanently guarantee a victory for the girls.


Fenwick Family said...

That sounds like a more manly of a name.Poor bird,LOL.I am thinking of what your expression might have been.My eyes would have been big as a half a dollar!!!SO funny.Kids can bring anything to a competition.Gidget

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Oh my... that is hilarious!!

Tina and Todd said...

LOL....Todd is busting up as I read this to him:)

Julie & Patrick said...

Over the years we've had the same problem, but with our house trained bunnies. Frieda had to become Fred and
Sarah had to become Stevie!!

I was out numbered for that daddy is out numbered he has twisted the story so that he is king of his heram of women ;)

Welcome Cletus!!
Julie R

Pam said...