Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cute costumed creatures

Well, our costume plans changed due to weather. It was quite warm here -- in the upper sixties! -- which is very unusual for Halloween in Wisconsin. The boys were thrilled because they didn't have to wear coats over their Spidey costumes.

Anya Rashi was going to be a lady bug, but her costume was too warm. It's one of those furry one-piece toddler outfits that could double as a snow suit. Instead, we took a look at some dress-up clothes from her friend Sarah . . . and voila! Cinderella to the rescue! She was a princess who did not wish to be photographed, however. :o) Trying to get away before the clock struck 4:00, no doubt.

After going trick-or-treating at a few neighbors' houses, we headed over to our church. Each year, we host a Fall Festival for anyone who wants a safe, non-scary Halloween experience for their children. There were inflatables and games for older kids, and toddler games (which Anya Rashi wanted no part of!). She kept up with her brothers as best she could, playing Plinko and tossing pom-poms into fishbowls (or at least in their general direction).

The best part was when Peter took his turn in the Dunk Tank. We all took a turn throwing bean bags at the target, which resulted in water balloons crashing down on Daddy's head. Anya Rashi LOVED it, and kept saying, "Dada . . . WA-WA!" Aaron and Nathan were quite impressed that their mother could lob a bean bag while holding Anya Rashi in one arm, with a diaper bag slung over my throwing arm!

Anya Rashi will probably remember the occasion because she had her first taste of chocolate! It was a huge hit, and she kept diving for the candy bag while I carried her from game to game. Of course, with so much going on, it completely escaped me to take any pictures at the Fall Festival . . . :o)


Tina and Todd said...

OMGosh...Cute costumes!!! I love the boys spidey costumes...wouldn't even know it was them:)

Julie & Patrick said...

How thrilling that the coats were left home. It was always a big downer for me, as a kid to have to cover my cool costume!

So momma has a throwing arm!!! Way to go!!

Glad the night was a huge success and also good to know that we were so well protected with all those superheros in our midst!!

Julie R

The Labontes said...

I love the familiar sight of Spiderman. Myles will be glad to see that your boys' web shooting form is the exactly the same as his :)

How fun to have a warm Halloween. The festival sounds like a wonderful idea.

Amy said...

I love Spiderman ;). We also have a fall festival at our church - it really is a great way to reach out to the community. Sounds like you had a blast. Dunk tanks are always fun :).

Sara said...

Thank you, thank you for sending that link about the election. That was so encouraging and affirming to read! I appreciate it!

Amy said...

Those costumes are so cute!! Maya would have enjoyed being spidey herself.. ;))
Sounds like a fun time had by all. Love the photo of your fam in the pumpkin patch btw!