Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two great articles

Today it's so cold (-15, with windchills of -40 and more) that school was cancelled! We are all still in our pajamas . . . and during my unexpected day off, I found two really good articles about completely different topics. Kristi -- do they shut down in Alaska for these temps? Just wondering if Wisconsinites are wimpier than Alaskans.

The first article is written by a man who was born in Africa, and is an atheist. Ironically, he believes that the only thing that will solve Africa's problems is Christians and Christianity:
For a related video, click over to Kristi's blog:

The second article is about a woman's search for her birthparents. She shares transparently about the process and the wrenching emotional nature of searching, including her adoptive parents' reactions:

Make yourself some coffee or cocoa, and enjoy some thought-provoking reading.


Kristi W. said...

Thanks for sharing those links, Nancy! I will be checking those out. :)

No, they don't close school for those temps, but they don't let the kids go to recess if it's below -10. Funny that your kids are home today, mine are too! Today and yesterday school has been canceled for really icy road conditions due to freezing rain and high winds. They never cancel school around here so we were shocked they did it two days in a row. Enjoy your day with all the kiddos!!!

:) Kristi

The Labontes said...

We had those temps here too, Nancy. They only cancel school if the busses won't start.

Hope you enjoyed some unexpected time with all of your kiddos home!