Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What purple and blueberries have in common

We are at a very fun language stage with Anya Rashi. She is stringing together sentences, including "Mommy help me," and "Daddy key Superman." This last one was the result of a trip to our local hardware store to make a new house key for Peter. They were out of the regular silver keys in the correct size, so we had a choice between SpongeBob or Superman. :o)

The title of this post is another example of every two-year-old's ability to embarass their parents in front of other people. "Purple" and "blueberries" both come out of Anya Rashi's mouth sounding like "boobies." (!) She's also added another "poo" word to her vocabulary: she loves wearing a little ponytail on top of her head, and she calls it a "poof" . . . which, of course, sounds just like "poo." So we spend a lot of time with her pointing to her head and saying "poo, poo!" to anyone who will listen.

The photos of Anya Rashi are a little demonstration of how hard it is to get a picture of her these days! She is on the move constantly. The first picture is what she does when we tell her to smile for the camera. :o) The rest are the result of me trying to get a picture of her in the new purple shirt ("booby" shirt, if you're two) that Aunt Mary and Uncle Ron gave her for Christmas. Well, technically, the photo shoot was a success -- she's in the photo, wearing the shirt!

In other news, our sons are getting ready for their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race this weekend! Car making has occupied many hours during the past 10 days, and they have Uncle Matt to thank for their awesome creations. He was such a fun, patient teacher with them, showing them the safe way to use tools and thinking of ways to implement their elaborate design ideas. All three of them had a ball making the cars. We'll keep you posted about the race results!


Julie & Patrick said...

I remember my brother making his pinewood derby car a bazillion years was a really big deal!

We have the opposite problem for photos...Devi sees the camera and immediately starts saying cheese with the cheesy smile to go with!

Anya Rashi's hair is beautiful and growing like crazy! She is looking so grown up :)

Julie R

Eric and Cheryl said...

What a precious girl you have! I love her little bob, my oldest daughter had the same haircut when she was that age. Very cute! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday with lots of family memories. What a blessing family is! It was always so sad when my kids went through the weird picture taking stage, but it will come back soon and then go away again as a Tween. :)

Happy New Year!

ColleenC said...

Ha- those cars take me back! We made them in 8th grade technology and wonder of wonders mine won (I am soooo not handy or crafty so I have no idea how that happened!)

I LOVE her purple shirt- it's my favorite color! And the pics are cute- they show her personality! We took pictures of my five year old's K class for his teachers and they were even worse! So I think it might get worse before it gets better.

CindyO. said...

Sounds like a fun and happy household to me!! Love your pictures..

Amy said...

My brother did a derby car too - I went to the race. It was very neat.

Anya looks great in that color. You should record her pronunciation of those words -I am sure she would get a kick out of it when she gets older. What a cutie!

Amy T

Our Family said...

Cute Pics,Looks like a happy family!!Gidget

The Pfeiffer Family said...

I love purple and Anya Rashi looks so cute in her new shirt.

My boys have made derby cars for Awanas for the last 3 years. They really enjoy coming up with designs for their cars. Race day is a day they really enjoy. Tell your boys their cars look great and I hope they do well on event day!

April :-)

The Labontes said...

The derby cars came out great! Anya Rashi is growing like a weed! She looks beautiful, even on the move. Love to hear about other folks' embarassing moments with kiddos :)

Pam said...

The pinewood derby cars are awesome! Joel just passed down some of his 20+ year old cars to Micah for Christmas. ;) It was so cute that Micah was so excited about them.
Love Anya Rashi's new words. Micah's new fav is stupid. Yep....gotta love it. ;)