Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Indian movie to root for at the Oscars . . .

My sister told me about another Indian movie nominated for an Oscar. It is called Smile Pinki, and is a documentary about a young Indian girl. Pinki was born with a cleft palate, and the film is about her being discovered by a doctor who arranged for corrective surgery that dramatically changed her life.

To read about the film, click here:

In other news, we have zero photos to post because our healthy streak this winter has ended with a vengeance! In the past three weeks, Nathan and Anya Rashi have had a stomach bug, and then Aaron came down with a fever and persistent cough . . . that he passed along to the other kids and Peter. Anya Rashi had been coughing the past few days, and just got the fever today.

So that's why there are no pictures lately . . . unless you want to see photos of floppy, housebound children. :o) Poor things -- Aaron missed a Civil War reenactor's visit to their class, Nathan missed his Valentine party, and both boys missed their Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet tonight. Hopefully, we will get back to normal sometime this week!


Amy said...

Thanks for the tip about the movie - will have to check it out. I pray your family gets better soon - that stuff is going around in our area too. No fun :(

Our Family said...

Thanks for telling us about the movie,I want to see it.
My son has had a stomach ache and fever since yesterday,and a sore throat.I took him to the care center today and it was packed,I hope we didn't bring anything home!I hope your kids feel well soon,gidget

Julie & Patrick said...

Oh! how disappointing for the kids that they are missing out on their fun activities. Hopefully, things have run there course and you'll be done with it.

We've had several bouts of the sniffles, but so far that has been it. My knuckles are sore from rapping on wood lately.

Thanks for the movie tip!!

Julie R

CindyO. said...

Thanks for the movie tip..and so sorry you guys are sick--yuck!

Praying for quick recoveries.

Pam said...

Feel better soon!!! Hugs!