Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This and that

Our family's news right now is that Peter is back onstage after a 6-year hiatus! He's going to be in a local Easter production that retells the life of Christ. We brought the boys to see it two years ago, and they were really moved, even at their young ages.

It's a very well-done production, and usually sells out for the five shows they offer. Peter auditioned, and was cast in the role of Jesus. I'm so excited for the boys to be able to see their dad in the show this time, and I just love hearing Peter sing a solo. He would never type this on the blog, but he has a truly incredible singing voice. Our friend Kim is also in the show, so we have two good reasons to see it this year.

I'm going to take Anya Rashi to part of the dress rehearsal, since she will definitely not be able to make it through the entire show. If Peter is singing or making an announcement up front at our church, she yells "Daddy!!! Daddy!!" and announces "All done!" in the quiet when the song ends. That will probably not be appreciated during the show. :o)

In other news, we have been having lots of fun outside and inside. After an unusually cold winter, it's finally staying warm enough after it snows so that the kids can play outside. We've had lots of fun, and are thrilled to discover that our sons are now old enough to actually be helpful with shoveling. Up until this year, it had been more of a search-and-destroy mission with a shovel -- there was as much snow left on the sidewalk after shoveling as there was before, it was just rearranged.

Indoors last weekend, the kids played dolly hospital. Anya started by laying all the babies on the couch to feed and read to them, and give them a bottle and medicine. Aaron and Nathan decided to make it a bit more dramatic by pretending they were surgeons. The overturned laundry basket became a surgical table, and various kitchen tools were the instruments. A few paper napkins taped to everyone's faces, and they were ready to operate!

Hooray for Smile Pinki and Slumdog Millionaire! For the first time in years, I stayed up to watch the entire Oscars ceremony, and it was worth the wait to find out these two films won. It was unexpectedly moving to see Indian faces up on the award stage many times that night.


Our Family said...

It sure would be nice to see that play. Your daughter is beautiful and I have to say that she is a perfect match to you. I like the pictures.It is so cute how kids have such big imaginations. Hoping that our "Maiya" will be in the spring batch of referrals,Gidget

Amy said...

I would love to see the play too. Congrats to him on getting that huge part!

I love the doctor pics - maybe it is telling of a future in the medical field ;)

Julie & Patrick said...

How wonderful to have your husband return to the stage!

I love Anya Rashi's ponytails! She is so grown up looking in these pictures :)

I would love to play with your kids! Dolly Hospital sounds like a hoot!!

Julie R

heather_and_nathan said...

What cute pigtails! Thank you for sharing pictures.


ColleenC said...

Wow congrats to your husband!!! And I love the piggie tails! Too cute!!

Kristi W. said...

We might have to try dollie hospital at our house! :) Congrats to your hubby on getting the big part! Anya Rashi is growing so fast, I was surprised to see how long her hair is getting! You two look so cute with your matching pony tails.

:) Kristi

Kristi W. said...
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The Labontes said...

Nancy, looks like fun, inside and out. So glad that Peter is going to be onstage instead of behind the scenes this time. How fun for the kids.

We don't take Max Rup and Myles to Dan's concert for the same reason. When they see Daddy, they want Daddy, and everyone knows it.

Tina and Todd said...

Fun seeing the pictures of the family. We are thrilled for Peter - and of course know that he has a beautiful voice (that is why he sang in my wedding:)
Hopefully the weather gets better soon so we can have a playdate! Miss you

CindyO. said...

Oh, come on Mom, let her go see him--can't you see the looks on the audiences faces??

I absolutely love the pics of them "operating" or "doctoring" on those babies. That is so cute..