Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adoption update

Since our first three children are usually the stars of this blog, I thought it was time to write about Baby #4 for a change. Where are we in our adoption process? Right now, we are waiting for the State of Wisconsin to apostille our documents so we can send off our India dossier and officially join the other families on the waiting list.

We hit a few snags with pulling our documents together -- one notary on a reference letter had forgotten to write when her commission expired, and somehow we didn't see the fine print about our birth certificates. They needed to be issued in the past 12 months, and Peter's was too old.

So, we hopped in the car and drove to another county to get new copies. We made a fun trip of it, just Peter, Anya Rashi and me (the boys were in school). He showed us the school and church he went to, where his parents worked, and the house he grew up in until he moved to our city when he was 15. We made the best of a minor frustration. :o) I was just grateful that he didn't grow up in another state!

But we had hoped to already have our dossier sent in by now, so we feel a bit like we're wading through molasses to get this step finished. We will breathe a big sigh of relief when it's officially out of our hands. It is a little funny to think how eager we are to join the waiting list -- by next autumn, I'm sure the waiting list won't seem nearly as exciting to us!

So, that's where we are. Meanwhile, we have our three to keep us busy. The picture at the top of this post is Anya Rashi, all ready for "school" at the YMCA. She is so proud of her lunch box, which she calls her back pack -- and she is the best reminder that someday, this wait will be over.
6 hours later:
And right now, I just have to add that she's charging through the house with a frisbee balanced on her head, a wooden back scratcher in one hand, hollering "I'm Super French Fry!" And then, "I'm going to India!" This will no doubt convince the authorities to speed up our adoption . . .


Pam said...

She is such a gorgeous little girl, Nancy. I Love that expression! The waitling list always felt like a sonogram to me or something...proof that something is happening. Here's the list! :)

Justice Jonesie said...

She looks very proud of her lunch bag!! Waiting can be torture but it sounds like you all are making the best of it! Can't wait to hear more about it.

ColleenC said...

Thanks so much for the update- was wondering where you were in the process! Can't wait to watch you move up that list! And love little "super girl" hope she has an in with those authorities!

Julie & Patrick said...

Oh my gosh! Anya Rashi is so cute and looks so grown up! We were just looking at photos of ISRC...our girls standing in a crib together. How time flies.

Good luck with the paperwork...anxiously awaiting to hear that you have made the list!

Julie R

The Labontes said...

What a relief it will be to get that Dossier turned in! A reprieve from the paper chase. Thanks for the update, and the adorable pic of your way-to-grownup daughter :)

Todd and Michele said...

She is looking like such a big girls! Where does that time go. I hope the State is super speedy for you guys - - - and on a funny note - we missed the same thing on our birth certificates :)


CindyO. said...

She is beautiful..sorry about your snags but every adoption process has to have a few here and there :o)

Anya Rashi sounds like a very funny, active girl (I have one of those you know)

Amy said...

I am excited that you will be on the list soon :) I hope you have a short wait :)

Anya looks SO precious in the pic. Thanks for sharing :)

Brittnie said...

Hey Nancy!

Thanks for introducing yourself! I've been keeping up with you guys for a little while. So, excited about your 2nd adoption! That is wonderful.

The video is from YouTube and at this link.

(This info is attached to the video. JoyPortis January 10, 2009 -- I put this video together to show when I spoke to a local church's women' ministry about God's heart for orphans and scriptures inviting us to join Him in caring for them. )

Looking forward to hearing about your newest adoption journey!


Jeff and Leslie said...

As much as we look forward to beginning the process again, the bureaucracy and paperwork slightly temper that almost euphoric feeling we get when we think about Manu's future little sister. Good luck, and we hope you move quickly through the list!