Friday, December 4, 2009

The best Christmas gifts

If you remember way back when, I posted that a script I wrote would be produced this Christmas. Well, faster than I can believe it, the show dates have crept up on me. I saw it last night with some friends and family, and was totally astonished. I will see it again on Sunday with the boys, and with my 90-year-old neighbor Ann. (She's been my date for the past 6 years, since Peter is the director and has to be there early.)

I wrote most of the script two years ago while we were waiting for Anya Rashi. I had a four-month window after Nathan started kindergarten, and before we traveled to India -- that's when I wrote the bulk of it. Then, this fall, three experienced writers helped me polish it up into the final draft.

I was really nervous watching the show during the first act -- my hands were like ice, and I was experiencing what can only be called flop sweat. :o) It was really fun to hear how the actors chose to say lines, see how it was staged, and see how the music and lighting made the script three dimensional. We have some very talented singers and actors at our church, and it was very humbling to see how much they've invested.

The other surprise was seeing how the audience reacted. It was really thrilling to hear them laugh, or catch the Biblical references in our modern retelling of the first Christmas. And it was so touching to hear people sniffling when the two main characters are changed because of the poor, pregnant, unmarried couple, and when the Christ child (a real baby of someone in the cast!) and his mother emerge from a homeless person's shack (our modern version of the manger).

The very best thing, though, is knowing that this show is having a spiritual impact. After the show, people are invited to begin a relationship with Christ if that's something they've never done before. That is the entire reason our church does a Christmas musical, and it's the thing that makes me happiest about having this script performed. One of my uncles was at the show last night, and said that he wanted to know Christ as his savior. His decision, and that of others who attended, is the best gift I will receive this year.

Since I don't have photos of the show, I thought I'd post our Christmas card photo -- my other favorite gifts, along with Peter!


The Pfeiffer Family said...

What a blessing for you to have such an amazing role in a play that is speaking to the heart's of so many people this year. Praise God your Uncle accepted Jesus as his Savior! There isn't a better Christmas gift than that. Congratulations on your play writing. May the Lord continue to change hearts this Christmas Season.

April :-)

P.S. I love your Christmas photo. It is absolutely adorable!

Four..and ONE from India said...

Blessing,such a blessing. So glad that lives were changed and I hope it grows on peoples hearts every year,more and more. Love that picture and can't wait to see #4 in that picture:) Gidg

Mommy Missionary said...

That's so cool! Can you post the DVD?

SarahinOK said...

How wonderful about your uncle! I love how God uses the giftings he has given you to draw people unto Himself! And for you to be there to see such beautiful fruit of God's work! Awesome!

theheartofachild said...

Congratulations! How fun for you to see the play that you wrote in action! It sounds wonderful!

Julie & Patrick said...

What a wonderful accomplishment on so many levels. I love the photo too!!

Julie R

The Labontes said...

How amazing to see your work come to life on stage, and make such a difference in people's lives! Congratulations! The Christmas card pic is beautiful - much more coordinated than ours. We gave up after 1/2 hour of trying to get everyone looking "normal."