Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beauty parlor, hospital & more!

Wow -- it's been two weeks since I posted, and I don't know how to sum up the time! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. :o)

A smattering of events from our house these past two weeks:

  • Anya Rashi has discovered the joys of playing beauty parlor! Between our two heads, we used every barette in her collection.
  • Anya Rashi started playing doll hospital (another favorite game), and Nathan disappeared for a few minutes. He came back with a shirt and tie, and had drawn paper money, and asked to play along. When I asked him what he was going to be, he said, "The hospital's lawyer. That's why I have all this money." I tried hard not to burst out laughing, and he added, "I make sure that everyone has enough money to pay for their treatment." That is certainly a much kinder view than many people have about lawyers . . . and I have no idea where he picked up any of his ideas!
  • We had a great time one evening shoveling and taking a walk around the block in the dark. The snowbanks on either side of the sidewalk allowed the kids to lean back and make vertical snow angels. It was fun to see a trail of 3 different-sized angels the next day.
  • We had some fun with a few simple science experiments last weekend. All of the kids loved it!
  • My mom comes over almost every Tuesday night, just to hang out. When my dad doesn't have choir practice, he comes too -- but this week Grandma was solo. She's such a fun lady, with so much energy. The game she's playing is called Balancing Moon, and has been a favorite "first" game for all our kids.
  • Not pictured (mercifully) is the inevitable stomach flu bug that seems to come with each winter. Nathan is fully recovered now.
  • Not pictured is my cousin Mike's heart surgery. He's doing well, but still in the hospital. They fixed a problem that was diagnosed when he was 14, and finally was starting to create some complications. He's one of those quieter, steady, good guys, with a great sense of humor, a love of history, and is an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist. He also keeps track of our family's history, and has traveled to the Netherlands to meet relatives. I'm so grateful that he's recovering well. He's also our neighbor -- he lives 2 blocks away.
  • Also not pictured is Peter and I doing paperwork for several adoption grants. We didn't apply for any with our first adoption, but are finding it necessary this time around. Please pray that we have some great surprises in store through these grant applications, or from other sources.
Peter is growing his beard -- because he's playing the role of Jesus in the passion play again this year! After investing the time and memorization last year, it's nice to have him be able to do it again. Yesterday, we listened to a recording of one of his songs from the show, and it gave me chills.

Aaron and Nathan are joining the cast this year -- they're singing about four "crowd" songs, and Nathan is playing the (silent) role of Pharoah's son. (At the beginning of the show, there's a montage explaining Passover to give context to Easter. Nathan will be carried onstage by Pharoah, when Pharoah has finally been affected by the consequences of the last plague.)

Anya Rashi, in her current beauty parlor mode, could leave no hair untouched -- so Peter's beard was home to a half-dozen butterfly clips. What a good Daddy -- willing to be photographed in such an undignified state!


Fantastic Family of 5 said...

Love the parlor shots and even dad gets a do huh? LOL:) My husband has had a beard,at first I didn't like it,but as it grew on me!! Then one day he shaved it,I was like what? Where did it go?
I am so looking foward to Easter,I love it with the meaning of the ressurection and all the plays and pretty colors!! Wishing Maiya was home for easter,but if we travel in April which we hope, will be a blessing. Your boys are so sweet and hope u get some grants Nancy!!
Take Care and God bless you and can't wait to see your new daughter join in on the fun. Just maybe u will get your call before we travel!! YIPPEE!!!

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

I LOVE IT!!!!Ha!!! Please video the play!! I would love to see it. If I lived closer I would come in person!! :)

Good luck with the grants. We'll be praying for you!

theheartofachild said...

Love the doll hospital and lawyer photo! Priceless:-)
Praying for favor with the grants! Are you applying for Katelyn's Fund? Great one to try:-) We got that and the Lifesong Matching Grant...made it all possible!

Julie & Patrick said...

Love all the new photos. Anaya Rashi is growing up to be such a beauty!! I have been working on bringing my photos up to date and have been looking of the ones from picking up Dev that have glimpses of Max and Anya Rashi in them...oh how they have grown!

The beauty shop photos are adorable...does she take appointments?


The Labontes said...

Love Peter's beard! I'll have to show that one to Maddie and see if she tries to recruit Dan's next time!

Sounds like you folks are as busy as ever. Love hearing about others taking part in theatrical ventures! Wish we lived closer and could come.

Hopefully with spring, the stomach stuff will go away!

Will be praying for the grants!

Candice said...

So sweet! I am so glad you have so much family close by. It is such an awesome blessing! Looks like you are staying busy and having fun during your waiting this time around. :) Have a great Easter!


Justice Fergie said...

wow, you guys have been BUSY! your house looks like so much fun. I love the barrette-beard look (yes, he IS a good sport) and of course I can appreciate the "hospital lawyer" :)

Happy Easter!