Monday, May 24, 2010

Good news and bad news

Our week has been filled with good news and bad news.

Bad news: Peter's dad had a heart attack last week, and spent 3 nights in the hospital. We were all shaken up and surprised, because he is so engaged in life that we often forget he's actually 73. He loves to travel, volunteered this year helping seniors prepare their taxes, does computer work for a local model railroad club, participates in a Bible study with his beautiful wife, and much more.

Good news: it was much less damaging than it could have been because he and Peter's mom paid attention to what was happening, and went to the ER right away. His prognosis is pretty good -- he's had two stents put in, and he's doing cardiac rehab. Everyone in the family was very worried, and this week just reinforced how dear he is to us all.

Good news: After nearly 5 months of no activity, several families accepted referrals of children in Dillon's India program! Three families ahead of us on the non-NRI list have been matched with their daughters -- congratulations, Lisa, Melanie and Emily! Because of these referrals, we have moved up to #3, which is very exciting!

Bad news: The baby home in Kolkata has been diligently attempting to renew a certain license that allows them to clear children for international placement. After a lot of waiting, they were issued a temporary license that allowed for the recent referrals. The bad news is that this short-term license expires in mid-June, and there's no way to tell when it will be renewed in the future. Needless to say, the open-endedness of this situation is a bit discouraging.

Good and bad news: The past two days, temperatures have soared to 93 degrees here! It's bizarrely warm for May in Wisconsin, and we've had some fun getting the sprinkler out. The bad news is the kids are still in school for another two weeks, but it already feels like summer!


Alarie and Todd said...
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Alarie and Todd said...

So sorry for your father in law, what a stressful week for you all! I wish I could say we got a referral along with melanie and lisa but we are just on the list at must have meant Emily! But we are hoping to soon! :)And I share your frustration with the licensing process. I don't understand why they can issue a temp license but not a more permanent one. It doesn't make sense but I know God's in charge so maybe we will see more clearly later on. We will be right behind you all the way! (literally!) Good luck!

Peter and Nancy said...

You're right, Alarie -- I had you on my mind and typed your name instead of "Emily." :o)

Tina and Todd said...

So sorry to hear about Peter's dad ... he will be in our prayers.
Loving the 'hot' weather. If you want to come over and let Anya Rashi play in the pool with Liam while the boys are in school ... I would love it.

Julie & Patrick said...

Oh my Gosh! I hope Peter's dad continues to recover!
That can be so scary. And sorry, about another delay. I hope the license is renewed quickly. How fun to be playing in the sun! Send some our way...I am ready for it.

It is amazing to me how similar Anya Rashi and Devi are in body type and shape. The photo of her bending over the sprinkler....she could really be Dev.

:) Julie

Todd and Michele said...

Sorry to hear about Peter's Dad. We'll keep you guys in our prayers.

I'm glad to hear you guys moved up on the list it's so exciting to hear - nto so much about the license - but isn't that just the way things go - we hurry only to have it slow some where else.... I feel for ya.

And as for the temperatures! Yikes - If it's like this in May, what will July/August bring?

Laura said...

What an emotional time for your family! It sounds like your Father in Law is so precious. I know, it is so very exciting about the referrals... finally. I am certain the license will get renewed. Hang in there and continue to trust in God's timing. I know how much it helps to immerse your attention in the children in your home, but I would still get cranky from time to time in the waiting.

theheartofachild said...

That is a lot of good and bad! So glad to hear about movement and will pray for the license to get renewed!!

The Labontes said...

Sorry to hear about your father in law! He sounds a lot like mine - so active you don't think about his actual age. #3 is an exciting place to be, and hopefully the license will be resolved before it becomes an issue again - hopefully.

Candice said...

So sorry about the "bad news" and rejoicing with you about the "good news." It's gotta be a hard time when all the emotions are going back and forth so much. Hang in there and yeah for #3! :)