Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doldrums and gratitude


It's a nautical term that well describes where we are in our adoption process right now. The Doldrums refers to an area in the ocean north of the equator. It's a place where old fashioned sailing ships were becalmed, and got stuck for days or weeks on end, with no air to fill their sails. The perfect storm of weather conditions and location made mighty ships stand still, powerless to move.

Our perfect storm is made up of licensing issues, placing our adoption status at a standstill since June. CARA, the governmental authority in charge of adoptions in India, is changing the process by which orphanages can clear children for international placement. That means we will be waiting more months than we'd hoped to find out who our daughter is.

We have plenty of company, unfortunately -- the other families on the waiting list are in the same boat (horrible pun, yes?), as well as the families already matched with their children. They have to go back and get their children cleared through the new agency before they can move on to the Indian court system. It's maddening, and frustrating for us all . . . and my mind is foremost on the children, who have to wait more weeks and months before meeting their forever families. Sigh.

My only comfort is that God knows who she is, and He is in charge of the whole process. I'm making myself a little crazy though, because I know that for the entire month of October, the Indian holidays of Diwali and Durga Puja mean that nothing will happen at all. I also had visions of being able to announce who our daughter is in our Christmas letter. (Isn't it weird that I'm thinking of that?! And I can't even blame pregnancy hormones.)

In the midst of it all, I am so grateful for Aaron, Nathan, and Anya Rashi, the three blessings we already have in our home. I have the deepest admiration for the mamas going through this who are waiting for their first child -- if it's this hard with the distraction of three children, I can't imagine how they're enduring the wait for their very first.

This week, we celebrated our oldest son. He made us parents in the first place, and has given us a decade of "experience" as Mom and Dad. Aaron, we are so grateful for you on your 10th birthday. You are becoming such a wonderful young man of kindness, intelligence, and strength. You are so compassionate that you would prefer to escort spiders outside our house rather than watch your Mom squash them in a panic. :o) You have an earnest desire to know and follow Christ, and you have wisdom that belies your age. We pray that these core parts of who you are never change, and we can't wait to see what's in store for your future. We love you.


Fenwick Family of 5 said...

Hoping the adoption ship gets rolling soon for you all. Don't you love celebratin the wonderful birthdays of your wonderful children?:) We love it too!! Peace to you as you wait!! Gidget

Julie & Patrick said...

Sorry that these changes are effecting you too, Nancy. I am hoping and praying that you DO have good news to share in the Christmas letter :)

Birthdays always bring fun and smiles....at least when they are not ours!


SarahinOK said...

PERFECT word! Accurate description- and I totally love the pun that we're all in the same boat... I feel like I'm in the little dingy next to the boat where everyone is! :) hee hee. I'm hoping to hop back in the big ship by the beginning of October, just in time for all the holidays! :)

Oh well. Glad to 'see' you're making the best of it!

Emily said...

I love the boat analogy, and am glad that with all these delays and obstacles, we at least have one another to lean on. I will hope and pray for a joyous Christmas letter announcement for your family :) Happy Birthday Aaron! Emily

Alarie and Todd said...

I was anticipating your rendition of how you all have been feeling through the news of more delays..and here it is! I so appreciate your wording. We are right with you and know full well the hope and discouragement and faith and frustration you are experiencing. Thank you for writing it and we look forward to seeing your christmas letter with your announcement too!

theheartofachild said...

So frustrating!!! So glad to be on this side of adoption, I have to admit (which you get). I have been praying and now I will pray for the Holy Spirit WIND to set the sails in motion!!!
Thanks for your wisdom the other night. We did get things moved up by 1 hour...then I ruined it today.lol!