Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A year on the list

This was one of our family photos for our dossier.

Last year, on October 27, Peter and I were giddy with excitement to finally be "on the list." I posted that we were going to enjoy that feeling, because it wouldn't be nearly as exciting 12 months later -- and I was right. Here we are, in the same position on the list that we were in June -- frustrating!

Truly, adoption is a marathon, not a sprint. We will celebrate Diwali next Friday with some Indian food and lots of candle-light, but I will secretly be wishing for the holiday to be over so business can start up again in Kolkata and Delhi.

I keep reminding myself that we waited 13 months for Anya Rashi . . . and that turned out pretty well!

This week will be a good one for getting my mind off of the list. We have to start building an operational volcano for Aaron's homework (yikes!), and we need to do some Halloween costume construction. Last time I checked, the boys were going to be a pirate and a knight -- but Anya Rashi was still deciding between a princess, a fairy, a butterfly, a mermaid, a lion, a doctor, or cheese.

That's right, cheese. :o)


me said...

Hope soon we are hearing some shouting news from your way,maybe by Christmas!! Gidget:) Great family picture too.

heather_and_nathan said...

It is such a wild pull isn't it? That wanting to be present and embrace and enjoy what is now while aching for what is coming. My goal continues to be to love every horrible and wonderful moment of this process. I am so eager to hear of your referral...soon!


Julie & Patrick said...

What a lovely family photo. We waited 18 months for Dev's referral, but then few through the rest. This time it has been just the opposite. One never knows how it will play out, other than the timing somehow is perfect every time. We will be lighting candles on Diwali too, and you can bet that one of those candles will be lit to remember those like you, who are still waiting.


Kristi W. said...

Oh Nancy...wishing that referral comes before you hit the 13 month mark. And hopefully your waiting will be limited to the referral portion so you can speed through the rest to get your baby girl. Can't wait for your "introducing" post!


Jennifer M said...

Hoping you hear news soon! Waiting is incredibly hard, and just gets harder the longer it goes.

(Just started the process for India, and very excited!)

theheartofachild said...

Cheese....that should be pretty easy to find where you live! :)

Praying that referrals start QUICKLY and go FAST after the holiday!!!

Candice said...

Cheese? That is hilarious! I'm glad God is sending "sprinkles of laughter" your way in this frustrating time of waiting. Wish you were close by so that we could meet and maybe go eat an Indian meal together for Diwali! My husband won't go with me. :)


Alarie and Todd said...

I'm going to suggest she is a mermaid fairy princess covered in cheese? :)enjoy the weekend and the current distractions...they wrap us up and help us forget what was keeping us up late at night...if only for a minute!

Cindy said...

Cheese? too funny!! Praying that the time will move on for you.