Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little rambling

I usually take a few moments around my kids' birthdays to record some things about them. Because Anya Rashi's birthday is so close to Christmas, I often find myself waiting until after the holidays to do it . . . so here goes!

At your 4-year-old checkup, Anya Rashi, you were in the 94th percentile for height and the 75th for weight. I still can't believe it! I know that so many of your crib mates are very petite, but you are going to pass me up in height by the time you're 14 at this rate! When I see you next to the kindergarteners at school, it looks like you should get in line with them. :o) You are wearing size 4 and 5 clothing, and size 11 or 12 shoes.

You have some charming habits and games right now. You have an imaginary friend called Tiny Bug. When you waggle your index and middle fingers on your left hand and talk in a high-pitched voice, we know that Tiny Bug has made another appearance. The photo of you wrapped in a blanket is evidence of your delight in saying, "Wrap me up like a burrito, Mama!" After you're folded up in a blanket, your next command is, "Now eat me up!", followed by fits of giggles. You also like to play a guessing game in which we take turns giving clues so that the other person can guess which character we're thinking of.

You love to listen for different letters in words, and spot letters on the page as we read books. Your favorite this week is Charlotte's Web, and you laughed out loud tonight when we read about Wilbur trying to spin a web. You loved reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas in December, and can recite much of it by heart.

When you've done something that's not allowed at our house and hear that you're going to have a consequence, you say, "I am the only who has the good ideas at our house." You also love it if you're frowning and I say, "I have to fix your face," and I use my thumbs to pull your eyebrows from a scowl into a happy face. Both of us end up smiling then.

Your favorite bedtime songs are Jesus Loves Me, Take Me Out to the Ball Game and You Are My Sunshine. You like to sleep with your "fuzzy" blankie and a collection of your tiniest stuffed animals. Last night you made up a "love song" for your brothers at bedtime, and sang about how much you love them. (It's always nice to hear that amidst the "You didn't ask to play with my toys! MOMMY!")

You are still holding onto a few sweet little kid pronunciations. The way you say "mother" and "brother" sounds like "muvver" and "bwuvver." You also still suck your thumb when you're sleepy or have unoccupied time (such as riding in the van). You've figured out how to roll your tongue into an "o", and you've also taught yourself to skip. You are trying to learn how to raise just one eyebrow.

Just now, you're working on a bead project, and out of the blue you said, "Isn't it exciting to get our baby sister?" Yes indeed . . . it will be very exciting.

* * * * * * * * *

You may be wondering about the foot photos . . . I just wanted documentation that my 10 year old son has feet that are almost as big as mine! And that's saying something -- I do not have dainty, demure feet. Aaron's feet are almost as big as my size 9s!


SarahinOK said...

So sweet and such a beautiful way to document her stage in life as a 4 year old. I can't believe how big she is already!
Waiting patiently with you,

The Pfeiffer Family said...

You have a very sweet and adorable little girl at your house. It was fun to read all about her. Can't wait until baby sister joins the family.

April :-)

Candice said...

So glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas! The gift from your friends was awesome!

Happy Birthday to your little princess! I love all the special things they do as children! I also love your "let me fix your face" little game. So cute!

I am wishing with you that you will soon see the face and find out the name of your new little one!


The Labontes said...

It's amazing how they grow and change so quickly! She is a beautiful little girl. I love to hear about her habits, and little things that make her and your family special :) And to answer your question - yes, Mason wears that grin from morning to night. Happiest kid alive.