Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic Day

These photos from our 2007 trip are a big contrast to the festivities for Republic Day this week. Click on the link below to see the celebration.

India just celebrated Republic Day, honoring the anniversary of the day their democratic constitution was signed. My sister Alicia sent me a link to some photos:

I loved looking at these pictures because some of them were taken at a site we visited, on Rajpath near the India Gate and other government buildings in New Delhi. The celebration sure makes the area look different than when we saw it -- it was relatively empty except for the area right by the Gate, where there were tourists, vendors selling things, and even a snake charmer. I just love all the colors that India is awash in -- which are much more evident in the Republic Day photos than in ours!

On the adoption front, I'm hoping that we will hear something soon about the new CARA guidelines, which were supposed to fully take effect in January. I am hoping and praying that the process will begin moving faster once everyone knows what the new process entails.

I have been feeling pretty discouraged this month as the days tick by. I wonder if we will even have a referral by summer, or if our travel will be 18 months away or longer. Now that I'm on the dark side of 40, I feel even more urgency because I don't want to be a fossil by the time this girl graduates from high school!

On days when I have a little more perspective, I can remember that God knows who our daughter is and has planned for her to enter our family in His own time, and I feel a little more peaceful. But the other days are just sad, wondering when it will finally happen.

In the meantime, I've been watching as Anya Rashi's cribmate Devi becomes a big sister. If you'd like to read Julie's fantastic posts about their travels in India and first days with Treya, click on "A Princess Born of India" in my blog list.


The Pfeiffer Family said...

Thanks for posting this link. The photos are beautiful. There is SO much activity and the streets full of color. When we are there 8 months ago we took the drive up to the gates, but there was no one there or around that day as it was 115 degrees!!!!

I sure hope that the referrals begin to come in soon. It has been such a long difficult wait for everybody as India restructures things. Hopefully these changes will speed the entire process up once it is in place.

After turning 40 this past September I had to laugh at your fossil comment :-)

Hang in there,

April :-)

Our Family of 5 said...

Oh= seeing these pictures makes me wanna jump on the plane and go!! :)You will be there before you know it. Hang on Nancy,God knows how it all will unfold and he loves your daughter so much and wants her to have a family. Just as you want her. So hold on and enjoy this exciting time of waiting. I know waiting can get old...but soon waiting will be no more!!
Adyn woke up Monday on our snow day and said...Mama...are you and daddy gonna go to India and get Maiya a friend? Well...I want you too.I was speechless,all I could day was ask daddy,then I told Shane and he was speechless. Gidget:)

Emily said...

Nancy, waiting for that referral is so hard!! The not knowing is torturous. You have been so supportive, and helpful, and kind, in my wait to know who my daughter was to be, and then in the long process to bring her home. I'm grateful that I can be there for you in your adventure! And it will be an adventure, and it will be wonderful. The timing will be just right.

By the way, have no fear, 40 is the new 30! You are far from being a fossil :)


Candice said...

I too had to laugh at your fossil comment! However, I fully understand and I'm right there with you. I would like to adopt again and I don't want everyone thinking I'm my child's grandmother! :)

Praying with you that India gets things figured out quickly and we can get your baby home soon!


Mike & Tanya said...

I love your blog and your family pictures! They are a real joy to look at! My husband and I are hoping to adopt from India also (just starting the process). Would you mind sharing me which agency you used? I am finding it difficult to get several reviews on any one place except for HOLT and some not so favorable for another. I hate to give my email address online, but any info would be much appreciated since you are already familiar with this whole process. Best wishes on your referral. I hope it comes really soon. God bless your family and the little one surely soon to join you all.

Thank you. Tanya (